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The Message Needed Today

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Today, we are living in the last days. In these last days we need a message which will meet the challenges of the times.
Let us consider “The Message Needed Today.”

I. A Scriptural message is needed today (, ).

The danger of preaching what is not in the Bible and not preaching what is in the Bible: ; ; ; ; .

II. A dispensational message is needed today (, ).

Without a knowledge of the ages, all will be confusion: , ; ; , ; .

III. A doctrinal message is needed today ().

Doctrine is teaching. The early church had a doctrinal, teaching ministry: ; , ; , ; , ; .

IV. A prophetic message is needed today ().

Give heed to prophecy. It will unfold the plan of God. It will bring light in darkness: ; , ; ; , .

V. A premillennial message is needed today ().

It makes the Bible a new book. It unlocks hidden things. It enlightens: ; , ; ; , .

VI. A Gospel message is needed today (, ).

A Gospel message is the good news concerning the kingdom and name of the Lord Jesus. A Gospel message is important because individuals are saved by the Gospel: ; ; ; ; .
Adapted from C. C. Maple
Maple, C. C. (1975). The Message Needed Today. In Heart-Stirring Sermon Outlines (pp. 32–33). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
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