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The Young Girl
Today we're going to look at the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
I was asked by a friend to make this video because he was encountering some individuals who were questioning the doctrine.
And I myself find it amazing that some people would want to question this doctrine.
To begin with list look at the birth texts.
One of the first things we need to tackle is the word "Virgin" in the hebrew texts.
עַלְמָה ʿalmâh, al-maw´; fem. of 5958; a lass (as veiled or private):—damsel, maid, virgin.
The argument is that the word all my does it mean Virgin necessarily but that it could mean a young girl a damsel and not necessarily a virgin.
The reason that this argument is coming into play is because Jews in Judaism don't want the Scripture to support the narrative of the Messiah being born of a virgin.
So Jews who want to undermined the Scriptures and the New Testament will say that that's not actually what it's saying it's only talking about a young girl.
But it's possible that it could be talking about a young girl who is a virgin or a girl so young it safe to assume that she's a virgin.
So with that there's no definite answer either way whether it's only talking about a young girl or it's only talking about a young virgin girl we know that it's talking about a young girl and it can be presumed that she is a virgin or is so young that you would presume that she was a virgin.
So although the Jews don't like how the Scriptures been interpreted in the New Testament it is a possibility and a way of reading it regardless of whether they like it or not.
Now onto the Greek the word for Virgin in the Greek New Testament is "Parthenos" and it also can mean a virgin or a young woman or both a young virgin woman.
So the argument remains that it could be either or both but given the context of the New Testament we can see whether or not Mary is in fact a virgin or not.
First we must look at the Hebrew way of describing sex that is found in Genesis concerning Adam and Eve.
So here we see Adam knowing his wife and then she got pregnant and had Cain.
So the word for "knew" is "Yada"
יָדַע yâdaʿ, yaw-dah´; a prim.
root; to know
Implications of the word is to have knowledge of her and also to experience her so it kind of like inexperience and knowledge of what that experience is like.
To boil it down he knows what sex with her is like.
And so that's why it says that Adam knew his wife.
And that is the Jewish way of viewing things of a sexual matter whether she knew her or not.
And so if your version no one has ever known you and you have not been known.
So when we look back at the story of Mary and Joseph and Matthew we see that the word no is involved in the story.
insert pic
So we find out that Mary was engaged to Joseph and that before they came together in regard to sex she was pregnant with a child of the Holy Spirit.
So it's saying that Joseph did not have sex with her or had not had sex with her before she became pregnant with this child from the Holy Spirit.
Now you might be saying okay that shows that Joseph did not get her pregnant so maybe she was sleeping around with someone else.
If we look at this word its root words come from two words
Now the next argument about this can be that Mary is saying in this verse how can I have a child since I am a little girl because the word for version here could be talking about a young girl or could be talking about a virgin or both a young virgin.
Contextually though it can be presumed that it's talking about not having sex and how my supposed to have a baby since I have not had sex yet, virgin it makes sense in the context.
But also that it being a young girl Mary saying I'm just a young girl how could I have a child is possible.
But the problem with this thinking is that God eventually makes her pregnant with Jesus anyways so if the issue is that she feels like she's too young to have a child and God still gives her a child then there some kind of moral problem there.
But if Mary is more worried about how was she supposed to conceive when she's of virgin makes more sense and it doesn't seem to violate any kind of morality if Mary was super young.
σύν sun, soon; a prim.
denoting union; with or together
So at this point we have that the Bible says that Joseph had not known Mary before she was pregnant with the Messiah.
And then we hear Mary herself wondering how she can have a child without having sex or possibly saying she's too young to have a baby according to the opposition.
Remembering how the word know in Hebrew and Jewish circles is understood, meaning having knowledge of what it's like to have sex with her.
The Bible said that Joseph had not known Mary in this next verse is going to even give us more understanding of Mary's virginity.
So essentially this is saying that he was not knowing her while she was pregnant with Jesus in other words he wasn't having sex with her during the time that she was with Jesus.
So by this we know that Joseph did not have sex with her before she got pregnant he didn't have sex with her during her pregnancy until after is the assumption because it says he did not have knowledge of her I was not having knowledge with her until she bought for Jesus.
So because the word until is there it shows that after Jesus was born Joseph did have sex with her and she would no longer be a virgin after that the birth of Christ.
Notice here that they did not mention Joseph they call Jesus the son of Mary which may be because they know that Joseph is not actually the father of Jesus.
John 6:41
And yet the argument can go the other way that some of the Jews thought that he was the son of Joseph so even that argument is not as definite as the previous Scriptures prove Mary's virginity.
So let's talk for a moment about the virginity of Mary and its importance in the narrative and its relationship to salvation.
I do not think that if Mary had sex with Joseph before being found pregnant with the Messiah would have any issues in salvation itself but it would have problems in the minds of humans believing that the baby could've been conceived by some other means.
I think God knows that the devil would've used that situation as an avenue to spring and placed doubt in humans about the validity of the miraculous birth of Christ.
So I do believe that Mary was a virgin so that the devil could use her not being a virgin is a stumbling block for new believers.
Do I believe that the book of Isaiah prophesied that she would be a virgin?
Yes I do regardless of the fact that someone could interpret it another way doesn't mean that it's impossible that the meaning was virgin.
Therefore I believe that he is virgin and that that is the meaning of the word in Judaism when you read a word sometimes you can read in two or three different ways and that allowed so they should have no problem with me reading it is virgin and as young woman at the same time.
Next I want to talk about the prophecy that the Messiah was supposed to come through a woman without a man which would mean that a man did not have a hand in the birth of the Messiah.
Gen 4:1
Here Eve is saying something very profound and this can be taken in a variety of ways she could be saying that she got a man by Yahweh that Yahweh had given her a man.
Another way can be understood is that she had got a man that was before the Lord in other words that there was a man with Yahweh that Yahweh had given to her by means of being pregnant.
Now this can be understood as though it's talking about children from Eve that were made with Adam or it could also be taken that she has a seed that is promised her we know that women don't have seed but that there will be a seed from her.
The implications would be that the seed of the devil which would be the antichrist and other Children of the devil will be at war with the seed of the woman that is Christ, because this is a prophecy not of snakes being enemies of human children but that the devil will be at war with the children of the promised seed of the woman which is the Messiah.
So in this verse is a promise of the Messiah and a picture of the relationship between the children of the devil and the children of the woman.
Because Jesus is a child from a woman only and that his spirit came into the flesh that he got from the woman he is a new line of Adam.
Now if any person is born by the will of a man he is therefore of the line of the first Adam.
Jesus on the other hand was born from a woman who had not had sex with any man and therefore he was a
of human that did not a soul from Adam but came with his own life-giving spirit.
The reason the difference is important between Adam becoming a living soul and the last Adam becoming a life giving spirit is because anyone who received soul from Adam is of Adam's line.
But if all Jesus took was the flesh of Eve then he's not a descendent of Adam but by reason of the flesh he is a son of David.
So here we see the difference Jesus is a descendent of David according to the flesh the flesh that he got from Mary.
It says who was declared the son of God with power not that he wasn't the son of God before but that now he's the son of God with power because after his resurrection he said all power and all authority is given it to me so it saying that he is the son of God with an extra authority after resurrection according to the spirit of holiness that he has that's the same spirit that the last Adam became a human with.
Gal 4:45
First of all it says that Jesus is the son of God first and that at the right time he sent this sign who was afterwords born of a woman born under the law which means born of a woman only not with any assistance of a man and born a Jew under the law.
So we see that the Scriptures show that Paul understood that Jesus was born of a woman only and that it did not involve any human males will.
So here it talks about someone who was of some kind of substance and emptied himself of that substance and took on a new form and that form is the likeness of men so he's not being conceived as a baby through a man and a woman sexually.
He is already existing being who took the task of emptying what he was to begin with and to become a new form in the likeness of humans therefore being placed within Mary and becoming flesh shows that Jesus took flesh from Mary to become a man and become a human rather than the form he was to begin with.
So this coincides with the story of Eve saying that she had gotten a man from before the Lord or by the Lord or with the Lord understanding that God was promising to bring a man to her for her salvation to destroy the head of Satan her tempter.
Here we see that the Bible is indicating that Joseph is not the father of Jesus because the Bible itself says that everyone supposed that Jesus was the son of Joseph which would explain why sometimes they ask isn't this the son of Joseph.
Everyone else assumed these things it's not like they had knowledge the Bible itself is not describing any sexual intimate relationship with Mary by any man in the Bible.
And the Bible itself is implicitly sending out a scenario that Jesus is the son of a woman only.
So as to the question of whether Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived and born the answer is yes the Bible shows that there is a wide ranging set of reasons why we must believe that Mary was a virgin when she had Jesus.
We also have evidence that Mary did have sex with Joseph after having Jesus therefore she was no longer virgin after giving birth to Jesus.
Jesus being a new lineage of human not part of the first one can only be done if he became a human without the assistance of a man.
The Angel does not dispute with Mary about her virginity John has the narrative of the logos becoming a flesh, Paul talks about someone who was in some form emptying himself of that form and becoming a human which is for all intensive purposes a new lione of human because he's not begotten by the old-line.
Honestly if you were to believe that Jesus was born from a human man and not divinely come into existence through a miracle of a preexistent being becoming a man.
If you were to deny that then you have affected your salvation to say that Joseph or any other human could save us from our sins being made after the image of Adam the first one.
No one from the line of the first Adam could ever die for our sins and be pure enough to sacrifice to save us.
Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son and when he was about to kill his son he was stopped.
The sacrifice still needed to happen but Isaac was not pure enough he was not sinless to die the death needed but a human sacrifice was needed.
So the RAM that was killed in the place of Isaac was a temporary fix a RAM cannot substitute a human death they are not equal.
This was symbolic of the animal sacrifices that would substitute on till we got to the real sacrifice in which case animal sacrifice was unnecessary.
The same with Adam and Eve after they send an animal was killed for their coats of skins and that temporarily stayed the judgment of death for them which is why they did not instantaneously die after sinning.
But there had to be a pure human sacrifice for our sins that is going to pay off the death that Adam owed and since Adam couldn't pay it everyone else owed that is why judgment followed all humanity.
This is why the last Adam came as a ship that had no sin a place for humans to leave the first line of Adam and go to up your line a sinless line.
If you were to maintain in the first Adams sinful line all of humanity under the first Adams line will go to hell.
The ship or the island of salvation for humanity is to leave that line die to yourself and come into the new line the last Adam.
Then like Noah's Ark you will be saved in Christ while the rest drown.
But if Jesus was made through a human male and not miraculously through a transformation and an entry of Mary then Jesus himself would be part of the drowning line of humanity.
But because God knew that no human of the line of Adam would ever be sinless and worthy to pay off the debt death that Adam had he had to introduce a
new line of humanity and this new line would be a pure line that has not inherited the sin of the first Adam, and Jesus would therefore be able to be a sacrifice for all of humanity.
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