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The Wait

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Title: The Wait
Intro: In sports there are baseball games, basketball games, football games, soccer games, and volley ball games.
And then there’s an endless list of money game show games like Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, the Price is Right, the newlywed game, the dating game, and of course, the one game we all play a lot more than we would like, the waiting game.
Okay, maybe I made that one up, but I have heard people mention it. We’ve all been forced to play this game. We all know what it’s like to wait, whether in line, for our food, at the stop light, in traffic, at the restroom, at the doctor’s office, for our test results, a phone call, a text message, or even a like on our Facebook page.
The Bible uses several different words that addresses the issue of waiting, and each one throws a little more light on the subject.
But not all waiting fits into the same category. Not all have the same importance. The birth of Jesus was an event that had long been waited for. His coming had been prophesied. He would bring peace to Jerusalem. He would bring victory to Israel. He would defeat the enemies of God’s people once and for all.
So they waited, and waited, and waited. Many went to the grave waiting. Some gave up hope and stopped waiting. Others begin to make fun of those who continued to wait. But in the end, those who believed the Scriptures, those who stayed faithful to God, those who continued to wait, eventually were rewarded by the birth of Jesus.
Joseph and Mary were told that their wait for the coming of the Messiah was soon to be over. The wisemen, were active in their wait to see the new born King as they travel many miles hoping to end their wait. The shepherds were busy tending their sheep, with no thought about a the Jewish Messiah and when He might show up, but when the heavenly announcement was made to them that the wait for the Messiah was over, they couldn’t wait to fix their eyes on the baby Jesus. They couldn’t wait to see the new born king.
I. The Wait Endured
A. Simeon’s Wait
B. Creation’s Wait
C. Our Wait
II. The Wait Fulfilled
A. The Peace it Brings
B. The Salvation it Brings
C. The Joy it Brings
III. The Wait Before Us
A. God Waits
B. We Wait
Those in the Argentine sub waiting on someone to rescue them.
Our waiting on God to rescue us from a society that has loss it’s moral way.
The waiting for the first arrival of the Lord was over. The celebration started. It started small. But it would grow through the years. It continues this Christmas day. Followers of Jesus all over the world celebrate the waiting of the Messiah is over with regards to the first advent. Now, the waiting
would grow through the years. It continues this Christmas day. Followers of Jesus all over the world
celebrate the waiting of the Messiah is over with regards to the first advent. Now, the waiting
continues for the second advent. This waiting is not meant to be a passive waiting on the return of
the Lord. The waiting is meant to be a combination of relational walking and waiting with all the Old
Testament emphasis of it being day by day in all our circumstances while at the same time it being a
longing and looking and positioning and preparing of our life for the return of the Lord.
Yes, we are the waiting people.
We are called to wait with trust, hope, expectant provision, in quiet at times, yet always knowing He
is coming soon.
May we celebrate the waiting of the first advent is over. May we prepare and position our hearts and
lives day by day as we continue to wait for the second advent to take place. May we live our lives
with the joy of Christmas and the new birth that is ours in our own lives when we put our faith, hope
and trust in His. May we never cease to celebrate as we continue to wait on the Lord.
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