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Still Standing on the Promise

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Pastor Witherspoon's 50th Pastoral Anniversary

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My Inheritance has my name on it and Im going to claim what was promised to me and my family no matter how long it takes.
Faith for the Vision-He had sight to see but he had vision that went farther than his natural sight. He saw the land and saw the value. Sight is what you can see that is directly in front of you, Vision is what you see that is beyond you! Vision says I know it may not look good now but wait until im done with it. Caleb knew what Hebron looked like when he spied the land with that 11 others. He knew what he was asking for and he knew what he was getting. He saw the value of it when he was just observing it.
Longevity and Strength for the Journey-still as strong now and he was then. started at 40, Pastor Witherspoon started at 36, it took Caleb 45 years, Witherspoon is at 50 and he is still here.
Point #2-Longevity and Strength for the Journey
The Promised Reward-the reward for Caleb was the land a portion of the land that he said was good ground. Annuity,lump sum, inheritance, Will. He reminded Joshua what Joshua already knew, sometimes you have to remind people what belongs to you! God said this was mine, you were there, you heard it, so since you heard and now that you remember, im ready to receive what rightfully has my name on it. he didnt have to steal the birthright like Jacob did Esau, he didnt to trick anyone to get it, it was rightfully his and all he had to do was ask for it, he was confident, he had witnesses and he did his research.
Point #3-The Promised Reward
Conclusion-What has God promised you? He is a man that he cant lie and his word wont return unto to him void. If he promised it will come to pass. Hold on to the promise, stand on his word, dont waver, when it looks like its taking too long that dont give up hope, keep believing, keep praying, keep praising. It shall come to pass!!
Need Illustrations for all 3 points, Uncle drew(Kyrie Irving, they thought he was old until he started cooking them, George Foreman vs Michael Moorer, foreman was in his 40’s, he was the strongest in his prime but he still has enough strength to knock moorer out and win the Championship again, unexpected inheritance,
He was sent for a purpose and he came back with a word
this assignment was specific for him
Caleb had faith, only him and Joshua came back with a word of faith. He was obedient to his call and his purpose
Caleb was from the house of Judah which means he was a praiser
He followed the Lord his whole life, pastoring for 50 years at Temple
Just as my strength was then, so is my strength now which means i’m still the man for the job
Live to claim my inheritance
Rev. Witherspoon was 36 when he came to Temple
He came to preach at another church and someone heard something in him so they asked him to preach at Temple that Sunday.
Became Pastor in 1967
He was my first pastor and he has pastored many in the city of Chester and there are many who have come from the Tree of Witherspoon
kennezites where sons of Esau and Esau had his birthright stolen
He was adopted into Royal Lineage by being adopted in the Tribe of Judah( the Lords line)
( the Lords line)
Temple-a place devoted to a special purpose, something regarded and having within it a divine presence
Hebron is one of the highest locations in Canaan and Caleb asked for the most choice real estate. Hebron means fellowship, there was no other place like it in Canaan
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