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Building for Christ, 2 Kings 6:1–7

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1. We must plan for growth,

2 Kings 6:1 ESV
Now the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “See, the place where we dwell under your charge is too small for us.
1. We must plan for growth,

2. The plan must lead to a product,

2 Kings 6:2 ESV
Let us go to the Jordan and each of us get there a log, and let us make a place for us to dwell there.” And he answered, “Go.”

3. All must be producers of said product,

2 Kings 6:3 ESV
Then one of them said, “Be pleased to go with your servants.” And he answered, “I will go.”

4. Producers means workers,

2 Kings 6:4 ESV
So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees.

5. Workers must be reliable,

2 Kings 6:5–7 ESV
But as one was felling a log, his axe head fell into the water, and he cried out, “Alas, my master! It was borrowed.” Then the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, he cut off a stick and threw it in there and made the iron float. And he said, “Take it up.” So he reached out his hand and took it.
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