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Romans 1:16-17 Sermon Outline

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Don't be ashamed of the gospel

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Two reasons why Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel.
Introduction - cover shame and give + & - examples from scripture.
Give P and PNP.
I. God’s redemption is revealed. V16
A. Redemption reveals God’s power.
B. Reveals that salvation is for all who believe.
C. No shame when it comes to God’s power. Never apologize.
II. God’s righteousness is revealed. v17. Hab. 2:4
A. To justify people by faith. Note, it is to justify people by faith, not to justify sin! C&D, p76.
B. So people can live by faith.
C. So don’t be ashamed of the gospel. Why be ashamed of the One who saves your soul.
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