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Love Then Faith

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The centurion loved God and His people, so faith came naturally.

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Centurion’s Slave
Roman military
Fought like Greeks
Century (80 men)
6 centuries = cohort (480 men)
10 cohorts = legion (4,800 men)
Risen through the ranks through valor, prowess, or intellect
In charge of century
trained, fed, and housed men
Led them in battle
Also executed people
Highly valued by centurion
Work ethic? Personality?
Like family
Sick and ready to die
Centurion Hears and Believes
Doesn’t see, only hears
What had he heard about Jesus up to this point?
But he immediately believes
If you love God, you will see His thumbprint on things.
Sends Jewish Leaders
Did he think he was too good?
Did he think Elders could convince Him better?
Did he rule them with force?

Elders come to Jesus and beg Him
He is worthy for this. Why?
He loves the Jewish nation
He loves God = Built their synagogue
Most centurions hated Jews
Thought they were better
Palestine was land of conflict
He may even had had to execute some, like Zealots

Jesus goes, but is stopped a short distance away.
Now we see why centurion didn’t come.
He didn’t consider himself worthy to be in His presence.
Under roof
Or on the road
Remember, it was just based on what he had heard.
When you love God and His people, you will recognize his thumbprint.
BUT Still wants his request.
He knew that Jesus was able
Believed that Jesus had authority over sickness, the elements, space, and time.
He believed Jesus to be God incarnate
He believed Jesus was willing

Jesus is blown away by his faith.
Not even in Israel was there faith like this.
THe people that were supposed to know Him didn’t.
Faith isn’t about evidence, necessarily. It’s about knowing God.
Faith begins with love.
When friends return to house, they find slave healed and well.


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