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The Authority of Jesus Christ

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As we begin our series of lessons this month on Jesus Christ, I took the liberty to choose a verse that I believe sums up what we will be looking at this month in our studies.
This text shows us two important things about Jesus. Those two things:
1. Who Jesus Is: He is Lord and Teacher
2. As Lord and teacher, He has expectations for us. Included in this verse are seeing the example that Jesus sets for each one of us individually, and following Him in His character and actions.
These two things will be the focus of our studies this month. We will study the authority of Christ today; what it means when we call Jesus our Lord and Teacher. And the last three week of the month we will study Christ’s example of love, humility, and how He interacted with people who needed to come to repentance and to a knowledge of the truth.
So let’s begin our study of Jesus Christ by studying the topic I have been assigned: The Authority of Jesus Christ. There are many ways I could approach this subject, but I will use this passage in as my outline. I will attempt to show why Jesus is the Lord and Teacher that we must submit to, learn from, and follow.

I. Jesus is GOD:

A. Passages where Jesus is unquestionably called God

a) Father addresses son as God

b) The word was God

c) Jesus existed in the form of God

d) 'My Lord and My God

e) "A Child Will Be Born And His Name Is Called": "Emanuel: God with us"

f) "A Child Will Be Born And His Name Is Called": "Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace"

B. Jesus is called YHWH in Scripture:

1. When you read the Old Testament passage it is certainly talking about Jehovah. But the Holy Spirit through inspiration, quoted these passages in the New Testament and APPLIED THEM TO JESUS! This proves that Jesus is Jehovah God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

a) YHWH is Creator of All:

(1) Jesus Is Creator of All (; )

b) YHWH is Almighty God:

(1) Jesus is Almighty: , ;

c) Isaiah saw YHWH: 6:1-10

(1) Isaiah saw the Glory of Christ:

d) YHWH will have a forerunner: ;

(1) Verses are applied to Jesus in NT:

e) YHWH will be pierced:

(1) Jesus was pierced:

f) People must call on the name of YHWH to be saved:

(1) Text applied to Jesus Christ in , ,
(2) There is no other name that can be given under heaven but Jesus Christ:

C. Since Jesus Is God, that means that He is the standard, and that His word is the final authority. There is not someone or something we can appeal to that is higher. What He says goes, and we have no right to complain if we do not like what He commands.

II. Jesus Is Lord and Teacher

A. Jesus Is Lord

1. He is our Master. We belong to Him:

a) Hard pill to swallow! We are here to live for Him, not for us. We are to deny self, and follow Him:

b) We have been bought and paid for by the blood of Christ. We were in bondage to sin. Christ paid the ransom. We are His! Your life is not yours to do whatever you want with it.

2. We are His bondservants/slaves

a) Every Christian should be a full-time servant of God. We see in the epistles of the New Testament that Paul, James, Jude, and Peter all referred to themselves as servants of the Lord. ()

b) Gr. doulos: One who gives himself wholly to another’s will, and is devoted to their master to the disregard of their own personal interests; a slave

3. Sanctify Jesus as Lord:

a) We always will begin with this as the starting point. This is the necessary presupposition of the Christian. Everything we think, say, or practice needs to show that Jesus is the Lord of our minds. He is the One every one of our thoughts must be made subject to.

b) Defending the faith: Don’t take Jesus off the throne

B. Jesus Is Teacher

1. There was something different about Jesus’ teaching. He taught with authority: -39

a) This means that He taught as one who was giving instruction from God; instruction that must be followed

2. We are called to be disciples of our Teacher

a) : Disciples = Baptized believers that are learning to observe ALL that Jesus commanded His Apostles and Prophets and are following in the steps of Christ in their life.

3. As we teach the word of God, remember who we are speaking for, and remember that His word has authority. Act like it in our teaching and obeying.

III. Conclusion

A. Jesus is God, Lord, and Teacher His authority His shown so clearly in scripture, the question you need to ask yourself is :What are you going to do with it?”

B. His words are the words of life. Only by submitting to Him as Lord and God can we have salvation and be His disciples. You will die in your sins if you do not believe Jesus is who He claimed to be.


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