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Apologetics and Evangelism: The Essential Connection

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For many, apologetics is still a new concept, and many still struggle to see its essential value to the ministry of the local church. This breakout session will provide an overview of apologetics, and will examine its essential role in the the local church. It will examine the strings and weaknesses of traditional evangelism models, and reveal why they are ineffective in today’s culture. In doing so, we will discover the natural union between apologetics and evangelism, and why it is essential to reaching the diverse culture of today.

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Evangelism & Apologetics: The Essential Connection

Why is there a need to change our previous Evangelism models?

Largely ineffective in today’s culture

Previous Models

Evangelism Explosion
Way of the Master
Billy Graham Evangelism Association Training

The Structure and Aim of Traditional Evangelism

Use of Diagnostic Questions
Determine a person’s current spirtual condition
Provide and opening for a Gospel conversation

Their Strengths

Provides a clear understanding of a person’s present condition
Provides a clear presentation of the Gospel Message
Scripture verses focused on the plan of salvation
Vivid illustrations that provide to relate biblical concepts
Responses to potential objections

Their Weaknesses

Rely on Certain Assumptions
Assumes a basic understanding of God
Assumes a belief that Scripture is the Word of God
Assumes a belief in Heaven and Hell
Requires some reaction to the debt of sin
Rely on a Script
Comes across as rehearsed
Offers superficial responses to objections
Goal Oriented
Seems like you are closing a sale

What do we do?

We learn a new method.

What is Apologetics is and what it is not?

1. Apologetics is not apologizing for being Christians.

2. Apologetics is not a new program.

3. Apologetics is not arguing someone to Christ.

How are Apologetics and Evangelism Related?

Evangelism is the “What?”
Apologetics is the “Why?”

The Necessity of Apologetics in Evangelism

We live in a post-Christian Culture
Christianity goes against what they know
Religion is a preference
Religion is a a means of control
Religion is a myth
Religion has left a bad taste in their mouths

Benefits of Apologetics in Evangelism

It prepares them for the

Benefits of Apologetical Evangelism

Ways that Apologetics in Evangelism Improves the Process

1. It invites people to make an informed decision about Christ.

2. It often results in a long-term decision.

3. It avoids asking people to choose faith over reason.

The Method of Apologetics in Evangelism

How Do I Train for This?

Start with the Basics
Expand your areas of study
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