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FACT 1: Change is inevitable, progress is optional

FACT 2: If you are not consistently changing, you are falling behind

EX: Netflix versus Blockbuster

KEY: WHAT you do doesn’t change, HOW you do it does

Mark 16:15 NLT
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.
Mark 16:


1) Change the way you think about change

PROBLEM: People hate change

SOLUTION: People don’t hate change, they hate the way you try to change them

FACT: People change when they want to

EX: Old habits

2) Create a desire to change

PROBLEM: People change only when they have to

SOLUTION: Lead with the WHY before the WHAT

The WHY disarms the critics and empowers the advocates

FACT: People will work for a WHAT but they will give their lives for a WHY

EX: Joining a movement

3) Recognize what needs to change

PROBLEM: People don’t know they have a problem

SOLUTION: Terminate what you tolerate

FACT: People don’t know how good the new is until they let go of the old

EX: Preconceived biases


Embrace change as a part of who we are

If you don’t define it, you won’t do it

REMEMBER: 10/10/80 rule

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