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칭의에 관해

Evangelical Commentary on the Bible VII. Execution of Sanctuary Instructions (35:1–40:38)

In so doing, Israel is entering a new era. Furthermore, it would be symbolically connected to God’s creation which took place at the beginning of time. Also, the tabernacle would be ready for the observance of Passover two weeks later.

God explains to Moses where all the furnishings of the tabernacle are to be placed (vv. 3–8) and orders that the objects be consecrated with the sacred oil (vv. 9–11). Then Aaron and his sons are consecrated (in accordance with 29:1–46) and dressed in the noble garments.

40:34 cloud The presence of Yahweh often appears as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night during Israel’s time in the wilderness, but the image of a cloud is used most often (see Exod 13:21–22; 14:19–24; 19:9 and note; 19:16; 24:15–18; 33:9–11; 40:38). The cloud itself is not the presence of Yahweh; Yahweh dwells in the midst of the cloud, while the cloud masks Him from view.

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