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Wise Men

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Wise Men

Expository Outlines on the Life of Christ 1. The Wise Men Visit Jesus (Matthew 2:1–23)


Matthew 2:1–23

I. The wonder—vv. 1–8

Though Christ’s birth had been promised as long ago as Genesis 3:15, many were surprised when it occurred. Others were filled with doubt.

A. People—vv. 1–2. Herod ruled Jerusalem for thirty-three years. The wise men asked, “Where is He?”

B. Problem—v. 3. Herod was afraid that Jesus would become a leader. Herod had even killed some of his own sons because of jealousy.

C. Plot—vv. 4–8. Herod didn’t want to worship Jesus—he wanted to kill Him. He feared that Christ might take over his kingdom.

II. The worship—vv. 9–11

A. Guidance—vv. 9–10. God led the wise men to Bethlehem. He will always lead, if man desires to follow (Prov. 3:5–6).

B. Gifts—v. 11. Gold—tribute to a king. Frankincense—worship to God. Myrrh—bitter sufferings.

C. Gifts we give to Christ:

1. Self (Rom. 12:1–2; Matt. 6:33).

2. Substance. Our time, talent, and tithes.

3. Service. Working for and serving Him (Mark 16:15; John 15:16).

III. The warning—vv. 12–15

A. Plan—vv. 12–13. God told them to go to Egypt to escape Herod, who had plans of killing Christ.

B. Purpose—v. 14. Mary and Joseph didn’t understand, but they knew God had a plan and purpose in all things.

C. Prophecies—v. 15. A fulfilment of Hosea 11:1. God sees the future and leads accordingly.

IV. The wrong—vv. 16–23

A. Plan—v. 16. In an effort to destroy Christ, Herod ordered all children, two years old and under be killed.

B. Prophecy—vv. 17–18. Fulfilment of Jeremiah 31:15. The fulfilled prophecies of the Old Testament in the New prove the Bible.

C. Protection—vv. 19–23. After the Herod who threatened Christ’s life had died; Joseph, Mary, and Jesus returned to Nazareth. (There were many men in the Bible by the name of Herod.)

Man may seek to destroy God’s work, but God permits man to go only so far. How foolish of man to think he can destroy God’s work. Despite all the examples of man’s failure in opposing God, there are still those who feel, as Herod did, that they can destroy God and His work.

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