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How to Bury the Past Successfully

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Notes & Transcripts
1. How important is it to belong to a Church? (Also see ; )
2. What is the message of God’s true church in earth’s last hour?
3. God’s true church preaches the gospel. (first part). (Also see , , )
4. God’s true church is a world wide, international, mission movement. (last part). (Also see , ).
5. God’s true church calls men and women to give glory to God in their lifestyle. (first part). (Also see , ; ).
6. God’s true church announces, “The hour of God’s judgment is come.” (middle). (Also see , ; ; ).
7. God’s true church calls all of humanity to worship the Creator. (last part).
8. The very basis of worship is the fact that God made us. .
9. The symbol of creation is the Sabbath. .
10. God’s true church leads us back to the Edenic life of keeping God’s commandments. .
11. God’s true church leads people to faith in Jesus and obedience to His law. . (See also )
12. God’s true church warns against false doctrines and errors of spiritual Babylon .
13. God’s true church teaches the truth about death. . (See also ; ; , ).
14. God’s true church believes in the words of the prophets and has the gift of prophecy. ; .
15. Jesus, the true Shepherd, calls men and women to follow Him and become part of His true movement. . (See also , )
16. Does God appeal to us to become part of His people and church? .
Your Response:
· Jesus loves you and He is calling you to join Him within God’s end-time church. Is it your decision to join this church and become a part of sharing God’s final message to the world?
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