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The Deity of Jesus Christ

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I. Jesus pre-existed His physical birth

A. Jesus actually created the universe in (, ,; )

B. Jesus existed before Abraham who died 2000 BC:

II. Jesus Is Divine In Nature

A. - the fullness of deity

B. ; - exact representation of His nature

C. - He who sees Me sees the Father.

III. Jesus is called "GOD" directly:

A. Passages where Jesus is unquestionably called God

a) Father addresses son as God

b) The word was God

c) Jesus existed in the form of God

d) 'My Lord and My God

e) In Prophecy:

(1) "A Child Will Be Born And His Name Is Called": "Emanuel: God with us"
(2) "A Child Will Be Born And His Name Is Called": "Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace"

IV. Jesus is called Jehovah/Yahweh in Scripture:

A. When you read the Old Testament passage it is certainly talking about Jehovah. But the Holy Spirit through inspiration, quoted these passages in the New Testament and APPLIED THEM TO JESUS! This proves that Jesus is Jehovah God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

1. YHWH is Creator of All:

a) Jesus Is Creator of All (; )

2. YHWH is Almighty God:

a) Jesus is Almighty: , ;

3. Isaiah saw YHWH: 6:1-10

a) Isaiah saw the Glory of Christ:

4. YHWH will have a forerunner: ;

a) Verses are applied to Jesus in NT:

5. YHWH will be pierced:

a) Jesus was pierced:

6. People must call on the name of YHWH to be saved:

a) Text applied to Jesus Christ in , ;

b) There is no other name that can be given under heaven but Jesus Christ:


A. What do all of these people have in common?:

1. The wise men -

2. The leper -

3. The ruler -

4. The disciples in the boat -

5. The Canaanite woman -

6. The man born blind -

7. The women and other disciples following His resurrection - ,

8. The disciples following His ascension -

a) All of these people worshipped Jesus in His earthly life, and He did not tell one of the to get up. Peter in told Cornelius not to worship him. An angel in tells John not to bow before him in worship. But Jesus never said not to worship Him when these people fell before Him. He never rebuked one of them.

B. Angels should not be worshipped, only God: ;

C. Men should not be worshipped, only God:

D. Jesus accepts worship from Angels::

E. All creation worships both Father and Lamb:

VI. The Deity of Christ is SO clear in scripture, and not believing it has consequences!

A. Jesus said, “unless you believe that I am. you will die in your sins.”

B. The book of John was written with the purpose of proving that Jesus is the Son of God (a term of deity) and that we can have life through Him if we believe in His name.

C. If we have a different Son than the One that is shown in scripture, we do not have the Father either! ()

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