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Peter and the Gentiles

The promise of the Holy Spirit in was four-fold: (1) to Jerusalem, (2) to Samaria, (3) to Judea, (4) to the uttermost parts of the world. At one time only the Jews were hearing the gospel. Since the Gentiles were enemies of the Jews, they were not given the gospel after the day of Pentecost. The gospel is for all people—, . Peter was the first to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.
I. THE PERSON—vv. 1–8
A. Personality—vv. 1–2. Cornelius was an army officer. He feared God, gave to the poor, and was a man of prayer.
B. Prayers—vv. 3–4. God hears Cornelius’ prayer. He has a vision.
C. Plan—vv. 5–8. God tells Cornelius to send someone to Joppa to find Simon Peter. He calls two servants and a soldier to go to Joppa.
II. THE PRAYER—vv. 9–16
A. Prayer—vv. 9–10. Peter goes up on the flat roof to pray. It was noon and he was hungry.
B. Preparation—vv. 11–12. A large sheet comes down, filled with many animals. Some of these the Jews were forbidden to eat.
C. Purified—vv. 13–16. Peter is told to eat. He refuses, since the animals are unclean. Note v. 15. This vision appears three times.
III. THE PLAN—vv. 17–23
A. Doubt—vv. 17–18. Peter doubts the vision is from God.
B. Divine—vv. 19–20. While Peter is questioning the vision, the Holy Spirit spoke. “… All is well, I have sent them” (LNT).
C. Direction—vv. 21–23. The men told Peter of Cornelius. The next day, Peter went with the three men (vv. 5–8), plus other Joppa believers.
A. Arrival—v. 24. They arrive in Caesarea.
B. Attitude—vv. 25–26. Cornelius falls down to worship Peter. Peter says, “Stand up! I’m not a god” (LNT).
C. Affection—vv. 27–29. All people are equal before God.
V. THE PURPOSE—vv. 30–33
A. Prayer—vv. 30–31. Cornelius tells of his vision. See vv. 1–8.
B. Preaching—vv. 32–33. God would use Peter to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. Before this it was given only to the Jews.
VI. THE POWER—vv. 34–43
The power of God’s plan for all mankind.
A. People—vv. 34–35. God loves all people and nations the same.
B. Person—vv. 36–38. Christ’s death joins Jew and Gentile to God. Upon earth, Christ ministered to both Jews and Gentile.
C. Proof—vv. 39–41. The disciples witnessed Christ’s power.
D. Preaching—vv. 42–43. Christ left a message for us to spread.
A. Confirmation—vv. 44–47. Both Jew and Gentile speak in tongues.
B. Command—v. 48. Peter commands them to be baptized in the name of the Lord.
Pentz, C. M. (1975). Outlines from Mark and Acts (p. 45). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
A. Dedication—vv. 1–2. Cornelius was, “a devout man and one that feared God … gave much alms … and prayed to God alway.”
B. Dream—vv. 3–5. Cornelius had a vision at the ninth hour (3:00 P.M.). God tells him to go to Joppa to see Peter.
C. Detained—vv. 9–15. As Peter prayed on the house top a large sheet of animals came down. Peter was told to eat, but refused, feeling they were unclean. What God has cleaned is not unclean or common—v. 15.
II. The Plan—10:19–20, 27–28
A. Spirit—v. 19. The Holy Spirit speaks to Peter.
B. Sent—v. 20. The Holy Spirit sends Peter to meet two people. God had also sent these men to meet Peter.
C. Sincere—vv. 25–27. When Cornelius saw Peter coming he bowed before Peter. Peter tells him to stand up—he was a man, not God.
D. Showing—v. 28. God shows that all people are equal with Him.
III. The Preaching—10:34–38
A. People—v. 34. God has no favorites. All are the same in His sight. He loves all the same.
B. Plan—v. 35. All the people who fear or respect God are accepted by Him.
C. Person—vv. 36–38. Christianity was preached to the entire area and many accepted.
IV. The Power—vv. 44–48
A. Preaching—v. 44. As Peter speaks the Holy Spirit falls.
B. People—vv. 45–47. The Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit and are baptized in water.
C. Plea—v. 48. The people ask Peter to remain with them.
Pentz, C. M. (1978). Sermon Outlines from Acts (pp. 32–33). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
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