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The Fullness of Worship

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Introduction: One of the things that we seem to fail to understand is what is the goal of worship? Why do we worship the way we do?
· In chapter five the writer is talking about the priesthood & worship and then here he begins to talk about something else
· You see you are here to do more than just make noise, you are here to do more than just show off your talents,
· You are here for more than just to have fellowship, there is more to worship than what happens in this room
· Worship must produce something, there is an end goal to worship
I. Growing is the goal of Worship v. 1-2
a. First principles is άρχή (arc-he)-it means elementary things, simple things
b. The writer is saying you have to leave the simple things of faith,
c. Growth is not an option but it is a result of worship
d. Paul said in “I wish I could feed you meat but I have to feed you milk” why because they had not grown, even in church
e. You have to PRESS toward perfection τελειότης (tele-o-tes)- Maturity, fully developed in Christian Knowledge.
f. Worship is about growing into a mature believer, it is about the process of growth
g. If you have been in the church for a year & we are still having to try to get you to faithfully come to church something is wrong
h. If you are a member SDC or been here for a while & you are still not paying your tithes, something is wrong
i. If you still get mad when you do not get your way, something is wrong
j. Worship is suppose to drive you to seeking for perfection
k. Maturity in knowledge
II. You have to let Go of the Dead things v.1-2
a. The Jews in the church were wanting to hold on to the rituals of Judaism & the blessings of Christianity
b. And the writer said if you are really with Jesus then you have to let go of the past, and learn of the better way
i. Baptism
ii. Laying on of Hands (healing)
iii. Resurrection
iv. Eschatology (End Times)
III. If you are not Growing you are Dying v. 4-6
a. He says there is a place where you can get so far from God that you cannot come back, (God rejection or human condition)
b. Listen if you are in the mist of worship, and you are not growing then you are dying & here the writers says you can die out
c. Even those that once were filled with the spirit
d. How do you know that you are maturing?
i. When scripture has changed you thinking
ii. When scripture has changed you lifestyle
iii. When scripture has moved you to nurture difficult relationships
iv. When scripture has enlarged you field of vision
v. When you can defend your faith
IV. Maturity has a goal but does not have an end v. 7-11
a. What we produce matters to God v. 7-9
b. The goal of maturity is loving God, Loving People and SERVING BOTH V. 10
c. Notice v. 11 say diligence unto the fullness, in other words this is something that we should continue to strive for
d. Until the end…
Conclusion: Here is the question, Are you Growing?
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