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Radical Hospitality

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The most characteristic form of missional activity is extending hospitality to the stranger. Whether that's hosting a meal or just giving someone directions, hospitality is how the Church has always responded to the world's needs.

Notes & Transcripts
 11/19/2017 2 The Primarily Missional Activity 1 Hospitality Hosting people for a meal in your home Extended to those you have no natural reason to host (Lk 14:12-14) Other expressions Longer term: a Christ room (Mt 25:35) Shorter term: helping a person in need 3 Radical Hospitality 1 Radical = from the root; fundamental Hospitality in the Old Testament Genesis 18:1-8 Leviticus 19:34 Isaiah 58:6-7 Hospitality in the Apostolic Church Romans 12:13b 1 Peter 4:9 Hebrews 13:2 Hospitality in the First Centuries Adopting exposed infants Caring for plague victims “They out-live us!” 4 Missions Game-Changer 1 Hospitality and Evangelism The most powerful human force for evangelism is social contact with winsome believers Mormons understand the apologetic power of a warm and welcoming family table Hospitality and Social Action Many social services can be replaced by good neighbours The Art of Neighboring Mennonite fostering 5 Getting Started 1 Keep an eye out for one “stranger” a week to “host” Seek out the least, the last, the lost and the lonely Have the courage to extend imperfect hospitality You are loving your guest, not entertaining them Give your guest a chance to contribute Don’t allow them to simply be a vessel for your charity Practice “reverse hospitality”, graciously allowing yourself to be hosted by others 1
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