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Thanks Living Is My Duty

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Good morning, UCF morning, praise the Lord Saints go ahead and stand up for praise and worship. This is the day that the Lord has made a man. Today is the day that the Lord has made and we have to be thankful and rejoice in the fact that he woke us up every morning that we do.

This is the day.

How many has some things that we can be thankful for the Lord at least one thing that the Lord has done that we need to say. Thank you for

So much to be thankful for in the praise him for a man.

We have a special treat for you guys this morning since delivering in first later going to sign the Lord's Prayer and they're going to sign the Lord's Prayer.



Give us this day.

and lead us not into


Thank you.

All right, UCF. Let stand up.

amen hosanna forever and ever and ever that's who he is. Amen. He can take and move the darkness.

Create light where there is Darkness hosanna forever. Amen. Y'all pretty quiet. Is it cute Sunday today or something that I miss is it is it we we we here just to be cute. Is that what it is? Y'all let me know, you know, cuz we need some worshipers in the house name in we need some people who going to praise the Lord in the house. Amen. I'm not trying to be around folks who just trying to look cute. I need some some people will lift up the name of Jesus Amen. Go see you don't know what your neighbors going through. And is it because of your praise that are go up that the blessings will come down. Amen. So this ain't the time to just be cute, you know, cuz your praise might say you somebody amen singing your praise up to heaven might be a blessing to somebody in this room. Amen. So let's not just get cute with this thing a man. It's the song don't move you think of one that will move. You ain't mad think of something that get you going. It'll make you lift your hands and wave your hands and just thank God for just being alive today. Amen. Amen. Listen a couple things we going to do today. It is the Thanksgiving season a man. Do we have a I promise brother is going to have children's church. We got children. All right, so we don't have brother. We going to pray for our young people get beat by the week. Thank you for our young young minds are young hearts the fact that that's our future Lord and I just pray for covering of the blood of Jesus all over lower and I pray for their going out in their coming in Lord that they will always be safe. No matter what and because they are around there in the classroom. They are home you're there and so because of them you Present so that someone might come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. So as they exit the room the sanctuary Lord, we we pray for their instructor that she would just be anointed in the Holy Spirit to teach and I pray for their hearts father God that they'd be ready to receive we give you all praise Glory and Honor in Jesus precious name let everybody say man. You are dismissed to kids were late. So don't sit down yet. Y'all don't sit down we going we going to Well, I have you standing we going to read our are foundational scriptures. So today's message. It's called thanksliving. Thanks living. You know, it's the Thanksgiving season, but the message is called thanksliving and thinks living is my duty thanksliving is your duty as a Believer. Amen. Our duty is to give God. Thanks. Amen. So I scripture is going to come from 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 beginning with verse 15. I'm going to read down the verse 22. So if you have it up on the screen, I want you to read this together with me verse 15 says see that no one renders evil for evil to anyone but always pursue what is good both for your cells and for all verse 16 says Rejoice always 17 says pray without ceasing 18 in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you verse 19. Quench the spirit verse 20 do not despise prophecies verse 21 22 from every form of evil. Now join with me as we share in our confession of Faith repeat this after me. I am not moved by what I see. or by what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God the victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my faith in Jesus name now. Let's give God a big hand of praise. Yes, Lord. We thank you this morning for being God and God all by yourself. God we bless you. We praise you we lift you up for you are. Josena. You are Elohim your king of kings Lord of lords. You're the Alpha and Omega. You're the beginning in the end. You're everything. We need your I going to coming out and going in Lord you watch over us when we sleep and Slumber. Love you bless us and take care. We just give you praise this morning. We just bless your holy name. Thank you Father. We give you glory and honor in Jesus precious name you may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Amen. Say thanks living. That's my duty. thanksliving is my duty. Now Thanksgiving is is this aspect of Praise that gives thanks to God for what he does for us. Thanks Thanksgiving. So ideally Thanksgiving should come from your heart right not. No one should force you to have to give God. Thanks, because you're thanking God for what he's already done for you write somebody does for me something for you. Say thank you. Amen. He wakes you up in the morning you say thank you. He puts food on your table. Thank you. He puts a roof over your head. You say thank you. He put shoes on your feet. You say Thank you. So we have a duty to thank God for what he's already done a man could show you the thing that because you know what he's done for you. Amen. That's why we have a life of Thanksgiving. Amen. It's all I want to think about that.

No, I'm around just thanking God for all that. He's done for me. Are you with me? So I'm not ashamed to thank God for this this gift of life that he's given to me. I'm not ashamed to thank God for all the blessings that he have my family my wife, you know the church the minister I can give God. Thanks so much that it becomes my lifestyle. Are you with me? So when you stop and think about it will be doing is giving God. Thanks, cuz every time I turn around he's done something for me. Are you with me? So as believe is not just talking about Believers. I'm talking to Believers right now. Give me a minute. I just want to talk to believe there is no reason. Ever that we shouldn't. Thanksgiving on iTunes

that is a reason to give God. Thanks. Thanksgiving for some folks who may not be Believers is a big holiday is what we do every day. Are you with me? I want to look at a couple things here. I want to look at what I call Seven exhortation to govern our Behavior so that we can live this life of being of giving thanks to God. Are you with me? But I want it I want it. It's not on the screen, but in verse 15 verse 15, it says that see that no one renders evil for evil to anyone. That's important as a big as a Believer. You can't be trying to figure out how to get somebody back. Are you with me? Yes, somebody always do what's wrong. But you cannot spend your time trying to figure out how to get somebody back that goes against what the word of God says a man evil for evil to anyone but always pursue what is good both for yourself. And for all that's our job if we start with that Foundation, my my responsibility is to make sure I'm being the best person I can not only for myself, but for the people around me. Are you with it when I think about that? I don't have time for drama. You know mess I don't have time for that, you know, cuz my job is to make sure everybody around me is lit. Are you with that? We all do that for each other, you know, what kind of world is to be? We wouldn't have some of the stuff that's going on that we spend our time trying to lift each other up and operating biblically a man. Give me the message to the other thing if we can get past verse 15. If all I'm thinking about is is what somebody else did to me and how they hurt me and then I got to protect myself. I can't do well to anyone else. Are you with me? But my life is a life of thinks living say thanks living. So the Buckle exhorts us to to behave a certain way the first of the first thing that exhorts us to do is to rejoice. Think about that job. God is calling his people to be in a place of joy. And always speaking in a place of joy. And trust me off. We all know we don't have it easy here. We all go through the same things. We all have problems that folks in the world have what? Sometimes we get double triple.

always and if things don't go my way, I'm still supposed to have to Rejoice because my focus is The bills ain't pay but I'mma Rejoice cuz my focus is on God the doctor has bad news, but I'm going to Rejoice cuz my focus is on God the food is short or the pink.

My focus is on God.

Not just on Sundays. But Monday when you wake up, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday with those talk about you you rejoice when they are switching you rejoice in the Bible States when this time of the season comes around because this is what we do all the time. And so when we gather with family when we gather with friends, we can always be a blessing to them because that's how I like it. Does that make sense to tell your nephew got to rejoice? You can recharge you said what past I don't understand. You know, what things are. Well first of all your choice cuz God saved you. Stop right there. Yeah, you may not have all the money you want. You been I have all the friends. You may not have this or whatever. You think you want to help me, but you saved.

Right there. That's enough to rejoice. Because remember before you accepted Christ, yes exactly where we were going to be heading when we live left up out of here. We can go see it cuz you got two little ones here a man. We were Joyce because God cares for us and looks after us. When men can't do it.

If a man when the money is low we can go to the man who has a cattle on a thousand.

Said it's yours. So I know everything I have all the bills are going to be paid. Does that make sense?

That's why I can rejoice. People worried about stuff going on when I listen, man. I don't have time for all of this small stuff cuz I got a big guy. Are you with me?

I always like to do that, you know someone and I may have shared this with you, but we had a agent who the State Farm agent who was sick on a plane and was just all of that but he was close to a meeting where all the other one and he got sick and so he was a at a hospital, you know about a couple miles away and then someone asked me to ask you why do bad things happen to good people. That's what I don't understand. All that God is doing in anyone's life. Alright, I don't understand everything that he's doing in in each one of our lives. But here's what I know. The word says in Romans 8 chapter 28, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to his purpose. So no matter what he went through or is going through God is going to work it out. They man, it's all I can rejoice and we can rejoice and his family can rejoice in the fact that he's going through right now, but he ain't going through it by itself. Are you with me? So that's how we find joy in the situations when we don't understand the May man. Philippians chapter 4 and verse number for says that we are to rejoice

always we sometimes get distracted and and and unfocused and we start rejoicing and things.

Your money your home your car is people right position of power. But the Bible clearly calls us to rejoice in the Lord. Amen. So when all that other stuff Falls by the wayside guess who's always going to be there? Delta will never leave you nor forsake you. The Lord that's why my joy is in the Lord. Amen. So God God is looking for us to always Rejoice. Now number to write this down. The Bible calls us to pray and inverse 17 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 17. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. Now here sometimes what happens to us and this is what we you have to be careful with because sometimes things are going good, and we forget to talk to God.

Are you waiting and then because we had forgotten to talk to God when stuff goes bad then we want to run to him and we want to have him move in immediately, but the Bible.

Does that make sense? We never stop talking to God and that's what prayer.

Because you know who's going to take? God will does that make sense now? I'm not saying don't talk to your spouse and children, but I'm saying always talk to God.

Does that make sense? Which I can always tell when. Because they Being a light but when you pretty and you can say when you know what? I'm a rest in the Lord. I don't care what the storm is going around. I'm arresting Jesus. And so when my flesh Rises up I can say flesh is not a based on what I feel and what I see but what does the word of God? Does that make sense for the Bible calls us to have a life of Thanksgiving to pray without ceasing?

Annex on our behalf when we pray. Since I'm done through God and don't pray I don't be like, you know trying to talk to somebody and getting them to do something without ever asking them. Does that make sense?

Kitchen in Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 says keep on asking. And you receive what you ask for? The Bible says keep on seeking and you will find it keep on knocking and the door will be open to you. That's prayer. This is what the desires of my heart is what I want to know what your will is for this situation and I always tell people were interested in getting married.

They're preparing themselves for marriage. Find out if this the one got sent to you.

A man, that's a whole nother sermon right there hooking up with people got any even sent to you. Hey, man, I'm going to leave that one alone. Amen. number three

in order to have a a life of things living you got to be thankful. Look what the Bible says in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 18 in everything give thanks. In everything give thanks and say when it's good to give thanks since when everything.

Give, thanks.

oh my God makes decisions in

A man when when things don't work out in our lives or if they do work I want still.

in Christ Jesus for you Why do I get things when everybody else crying and moping and and worried and stressful I give thanks because that's God's will for me. That's what he's calling me to do. That's what he's calling. All of his children to do is to give thanks in everything right? No matter what it is, you know when you want something so bad and you don't get it gif. Thanks. Because the thing you want may not have been good for you. Are you with me? Does that make sense give thanks in all things again. You know what? We have to do what the scripture says as Believers, even if I don't feel it, you know, how can we picture transfer in for a minute?

Come on, y'all y'all going to be looking at me like, you know, I'm always spiritual you. I wake up hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Let me follow you home. Hey, man, I think about it. There are times when? The feeling part is not there. But he still calling us to The Obedience part. So what he says do what you have to do it whether you feel it or not. Does that make sense? The problem? My problem is we only want to do things that we feel like doing.

We've run into a problem with that because then if it's only when I feel like doing that's the only time I can be thankful. Are you with me? So so think about what the Bible say if I'm going to live a life of Thanksgiving or thinks living. I always have to be aware of what the holy spirit is telling me whether I want to do it or not a man. It's so the difference I think between those who are living in that realm of thanks living. That means I'm going to live this life. I'm going to get if I'm going to do what God's will for me as opposed to those who are just waiting to get. is obedience are you with me? When you don't feel that you do it when you do feel if you do what they meant. Tell you maybe got to be obedient. Not say it like you mean it.

So in your notes write this down. This is the will of God in Christ. Jesus concerning each one of us. Number one that we Rejoice Always Forever More number two that we pray without ceasing and number three that we give thanks in everything. Amen. The Bible says in the fusions chapter 5 verse 20 and give thanks for everything to God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So again, you can always check yourself if you are in line with God.

Is that make sense? Wait, I spend all my time doing something else. I never thank God for this day.

Wait, I got busy at work and doing all kind but I never thank God that I have a job. Wait, the kids irritate me and there's a problem, but I never thank God that I have children. Orange Beach wait, I don't have all the money but wait, I never thought

are you with me?

Are you with me? And then we want to be mad and aggressive and in all of this kind of stuff for the stuff. We don't have thank God for what you do.

Does that make sense?

The fourth thing don't stop the Holy Spirit now again, I got to talk to Believers here and inverse 19 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 19. The Bible says do not quench suppressor for subdue the Holy Spirit. What is quenching the spirit mean that means to stifle? Ignore and here's how we do it.

God says don't have the spirit says to you, you know, you shouldn't do it in you ignore. And you go do what you want to do.

The spirit says tell this person that Jesus loves you and you walk right past.

Emily and you do You quench the spirit. You quench the Holy Spirit working in you telling you what to do.

So that cannot be a life of Thanksgiving.

If you want, no, I'm not talking about you know that when you at church and you get the Holy Spirit, I'm talking about living your life on a daily basis when God speaks to your mind and your spirit and says do this and you do the opposite. Hey, man, is it shouldn't if we live in those that life of Thanksgiving there is no way.

does that make sense because the Holy Spirit was speak to me and say that's

the Holy Spirit don't quench the spirit. Does that make sense? I'm talking to some folks here. Amen. If them shoes fitting on your feet just say who I was shorter that little tight. a man Ignoring him we could talk to them. We disobeying we procrastinate that's always we quit the holy spirit in our life. I don't want to be seeing like, I'm Not Jesus Freak You quenching the Holy Spirit. I want to belong to this group and God is not printing a space for you.

So we spend days all day long quenching the spirit. The spirit is telling us to tell the

spirit is telling us don't lust after things that we shouldn't be we spending time and places that we shouldn't when the spirit said. No, you need to be with your family and you still at work week. Are you with? We have to have this life of thanksliving because that's a duty that we have any other people see us as Believers acting like that. they're going to think that's

and that's farthest from the truth. We're just being disobedient. Does that make sense? Tell him they tell you never don't quench the spirit.

The first one I want talk about.

It don't despise the preaching of the Gospel. Let me tell you something.

The truth will set you free.

The Bible says that you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free what most people want to justify is by Sam. That's a man's version of the word. That's a this version of that. And what about this? Don't despise the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cuz it'll Set You Free We what the Bible says? 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 20 Emory to translations in the Amplified. It says do not sperm the gift and the other answers of the Prophet do not depreciate prophetic Revelation or despise inspired instruction or exhortation or warning and then in the message translation to makes it real simple. It says and don't stifle those who have a word from the mask.

so when the preacher is preaching

don't despise the word.

Because that could be for you. and everything that he has is for you according to his will does that make sense?

In 1st Corinthians Chapter 14 verse 3 the Bible says but one who prophesied strengthens others encourages them and comfort them when I get up to preach. My goal is to challenge you to strengthen YouTube. A man but to give you the truth of the word of God. Amen, now when you get the truth and you don't quench the spirit, you should take it and hide it in your heart.

Does that make sense? See we got so many folks want to hear the word, but they don't want to do anything with the word. They like to hear just like itching is on. Give me a

Lot of people just want to hear they want to be tickled emotionally, but they don't want to apply to her and live by God is calling us to be thanks living livers. Amen. Y'all get anything out of this cuz I'm almost done.

We read the Bible says and verse the next will write this down test everything test everything. We want 7 verse 21 in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 24 test everything that is said hold on to what is good. Now, how do you test anything especially from a man to a woman of God someone who's prophesying or giving you a word you tested by the word? anything on your emotions you don't you go find He said this to me, or she said this to me or he preach.

Everything you will hear lots of things the devil will send Prophet they'll tell you was all the stuff you want, but test everything I tell false all the time. No offense to anyone, but you can't be shacking up with somebody. You ain't married to and think God going to bless it.

Set you aside and bless you. Hey, where are you? Well, how do you know?

They have sex without being married.

amen Could you come here and lots of stuff? Oh God is going to bless you.

You got people prophesize it don't even know anything about. Oh, my brother I see God is going to do great things.

So yeah, you've been waiting for God to speak to him. Then word. God will speak to him is to repent. Hey, man, ya'll quiet on me this morning.

You got to test everything, you know people ask me if a strong yet. I don't get all excited about folks who come in with they titles and they anointings and I don't get excited about that. Because I'm going to test what the word says and then I'm going to watch their life. And if it don't line up. Cuz you you got false prophets all the time. You got people with a gift. They old guy gave me this and God told me this way. If God can talk to you you can talk to me, too. A man and he talks to his word and I talk to him when I pray and so I have this life of things living amen. So you got to watch folks who all one minute tell you this in one minute that end, they all want a title and they all want this and they'll all want the anointing and they all want to be around us. Test it. Does that make sense?

Look at what the Bible says in 1st John chapter 4 verse 1 dear friends. Do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God for there are many false prophets in the world everybody that open up a church door ain't save.

You got to watch what they say because just because they have a title don't mean this day from the Lord. a man Can I keep that real? The last thing I want you to write down and we going to close out this stay away from every kind of evil.

an inverse 22 + 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 22 the Bible says stay away from every kind of evil now if I might have a a life of thanksliving and that's my duty and that's my responsibility because he

You know folks don't care because you know our emotions go like this. but our actions are consistent with really Who We Are amen

We are to stay away from every kind of evil not the stuff that is politically acceptable.

We can justify. In the Bible, I'm sorry. I don't care if it's popular right now. If it's not, right? Stay away from don't even don't even consider it. Here's the problem than that. Everybody wants to do what they want to do and they want to and they won't God in the people of God to accept it. Don't work like that.

Need to be obedient to God in the word of God. Need to live my life to please God not man. Amen, and I'm going to tell all

We going we going to be disapproved by man.

Thank you. That's what I wanted to say. Hallelujah in the folks you thought was would have your back going to leave you hanging.

but I would I hate your enemies and be a friend of didn't have God is my enemy and have a bunch of friends. Does that make sense? That's worth it right there. So the Bible says it's staying from even all the appearance of evil. You know, what they tell us your guilt by association. So if you're around them you guilty because you hang around you may not be doing it. But it's the appearance. Don't understand if you appearing like you're doing it then you may as well be doing it cuz that's what people.


so if there's something it appears our borders on evil I want you to get away from Is folks were doing something, you know, that's not right move away from its people lying and they manipulating folks get away from them a man because I got a brother here who I the more I spend time with in the more respect where he's at when there are things that are just not right. He don't want to associate themselves with his self with it. At first. I thought you been on point. God had to check me right and he used him to remind me.

except certain things He said no, I'm not that's my character. My reputation only want to be associated with it. Amen. So as a Believer, you can't have anything to do with anything evil. I'm sorry y'all you can't justify doing some of the stuff that we allowed to eat just

Not that you need to please me. But you have to please God.

I do not say what God gives me. Your relationship is with him. He's the one that you have to please. Still have to have the same relationship. I have to live my life accordingly. Amen. I have to stay.

As a vessel to send his word. See, I know that if any.

and I can and speak with the authority in the anointing if I'm living a life. There's a double life. Does that make sense, you know folks, you know that they still have the ability to speaker thing, but they life all jacked up. So there's really no anointing in there and my speaking to some amen. So he was going to leave you with this in Psalm chapter 34 verse 14. Depart from Evil and do good.

Seek. Peace pursue it live life thanksliving be the example. Allow God to use you not just in this season but everyday. Because it's his will for us. In our relationship with him a man. Alright, give God a big hand of praise.

So we got some homework if you if you have I want everybody to read the 5th chapter of 1st Thessalonians. Just read That's I'm not asking much just read it and then I want you to pray for someone. You know, who's struggling? I mean they caught up whatever it is. They're hurting their confused. They it doesn't make sense. Whatever. It happens to be pray for me, man. That's that communication and then invite them to church. Amen.

those of us, who are That they can get there. change broke we can get there release. They can hear from the Lord. Amen. Alright, thank you ready? We going to bring Deacon bass up here and he's going to extend the invitation. Amen, amen. Thank you best.

You guys is On Target. I was just going to say let's give him a hand of the wonderful message wasn't.

So all we got to do is just get on home boy. Of God is good.

And that's a blessing but all of us, I think we all are blessed today because God so much to him. He allowed us to wake up this morning cuz someone lie down last night that didn't wake up this morning. We don't know who they are. But only thing that you wonder that they have that business fixed with Jesus.

When you leave this world and you're not done. The Bible says those already there to going to meet him first and those that remaining going to meet him in the air. What do you want to be with Jesus?

And yes, it sure is there is a heaven day is a hell. So you don't want to spend eternity running the rest of your life. You should want to be with Jesus.

So you can rejoice. You can tell him how what the hard time that you had down here, but you kept on striving. the serious face

So there's anyone today this in the author of save you this time. You can come now.

past always saying f you Don't want to be long to you. See if you'll find yours good Bible study church that you can go to.

But everybody should have their name on the church roll.

Call Jesse show is you living. You going to meet you on the taker one day?

so he's never too late today could be the day. Tomorrow is not promised. Only we have right now.

So what if you love the Lord and Everyone know what they got going to spend eternity.

Can you okay?

Got the disc priest we have the phrase. He's in season and out of season.

But he would keep on blessing us in a special way.

So we have done what? God have required for us to do to give you the invitation. You still have a time to come up on his side? The devil ain't going to never let you rest. If you in Jesus hand. Those is not in Jesus and he already have those you don't worry about them. He just worried about the ones that on the Lord's Side.

So now we getting ready to take up Ava ties and offering. So let me pray before we receive it. Oh gracious father we come now, and we thank you for this time of giving we thank you Lord for This offer man, even before we be asleep. It messed up or breaks your father. We love you and we praise you in Jesus name in for his sex a man.

Father we come once again, we thank you for this off and let's go that have to give him bless those that have not progressed your father. We ask you to lesson 10-2 fold the hundred fold in Old Bridge your father. We thank you for this often once again and Lord and let it be used for the other building of your kingdom here on Earth father. We love you and we praise you and all of God's children said amen.

Alright, let's dance.

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