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Beholding is Becoming

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Beholding is Becoming

Joshua 4:22 NASB95
then you shall inform your children, saying, ‘Israel crossed this Jordan on dry ground.’
shows us how sanctification works
1. Fearing God
1. Fearing God
Reverence expressed in submission. Total dependence in everything. Doulos. Understanding who we are and Whose we are. God is mighty and we are His. We need to live God's Word. Serve Him.
2. Verse Memorization
Verses on important topics. There are other verses but these are helpful. Tough times - Romans 15:4 - the book was written to encourage me and to give me hope in tough times. Instructions. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 - God comforts us for the purpose of me comforting someone else. Things happen so I can better serve others. Help me in my tough times so I can help people with their tough times. I Corinthians 10:13. Tough times have an end. Understanding who we are and Whose we are. Truths to grab in and grab hold of - Phil 4:13. Claiming divine promises. John 10:28-29. 2 Tim 1:12 - not ashamed. Post it notes to help.
3. Salvation
Not formulas -do this and get this. Romans road. Romans 3:10, see 23, 25, see __________________________
Romans walks you through it. After all He's done for me I want to serve Him. Remembrance. Perspective. Acknowledging, repenting, to forsake or turn and leave it behind, we don't continue with what we do while adding Jesus. Believe - believe and repent are the 2 sides of the coin of salvation. Gospel. Faith. Grace and mercy. Mercy does not give me what I deserve grace gives me what I do not deserve. Eternal security. Am I really saved? Have you been saved? Fearful and lost it?
4. Rules for living
Colossians 3. James - practical Christian living when times are tough. Testimony important - show me. Time, talent treasure. Non stop needs. I love Jesus but I, busy. Treasure - everyone at GBC is rich. What are you doing with it for God? Matthew 5-7. Philippians 1:21 or 2:21? Homework - which am I honestly? Strength in Him. Courage, wisdom, God's 7-11 something for everything - Matthew 7:7-11. Provision. Phil 3:13. This life not about obtains perfection. Not looking back but pressing forward. Things to lay down and leave behind. Love - I hope people remember I care. Do people know you care? Love to lead them to the God of love. Richard Baxter quotes. Hope - Romans 5:1-11.
5. Pray
More stuff requires more prayer. ACTS not just supplication.
6. Death
A sobering reality. 5 truths on dealing with death. Psalm 46:10. Sit in the shadow of the Almighty. 2. Give thanks for promises. No self pity. Accept loneliness and draw near to God. Move on.
7. Holy Spirit
Stone piles in the Bible. Hear sermons and study jot some things down build a stone pile because they will be a memorial lest you forget. Good for family as well.

Bart Horton 2/1/2015

1 Thessalonians 5:16 NASB95
Rejoice always;
4 ways to nourish a joyful heart:
Let your joy overflow in your heart and take flight in your life.
1. Understand your exclusive access to joy
You are given joy by God. How did they have access to joy? Located in a strategic trade route. Acts 17. Silas with him and picked up Timothy. Paul had been teaching about the Messiah who fulfills God's promises to His people. Acts 17:4. Different religion. One God breaking through. Word pictures. Mocked by those previously loved by. Pickle. Trust Christ and now Paul is gone. Joy left behind. Excel still more - got some areas where you need to grow. Sexual immorality, work, second coming. Attucks them with brotherly love. No clear understanding of the gospel leads to no lasting joy. Ch 5 explodes with imperatives. Encouraging them with the gospel and its implications. 19 imperatives that flow from knowing Christ. Result of changed heart. Paul got saved and his whole life changed. God only changes hearts through the gospel. Joy comes from knowing God. Spurgeon - speak of heaven and joy should shine through you. John 17:13. My joy fulfilled in themselves. About to lose physical contact with Messiah. Friends with the Savior of the world. For 2 days they thought he was dead and gone forever. John 15:11. Hebrews 13:17.
2. Submit to the realm of joy
Total, complete, comprehensive, universal. You all need to be rejoicing all the time. Philippians 4:1. Rejoice in the Lord because you have nothing else to provide lasting joy. Romans 5:3-5. James 1:2-4. Believe the lie of Satan or live in the truth of Christ. Instead of death and hell I was given life and heaven.
3. Pursue the fruit of joy
Something that is manifested on the outside. Psalm 100:2. Psalm 73:23. Loving and serving Gods people flows from Christ being our joy. Love is a fruit of joy. Mt 5:16. Let the truth of the gospel flow out in joy of your life
4. Mortify the barriers of joy
Control freaks don't have joy.


Feb 19
Christian hope has little do with earthly optimism. True hope stems from the unshakeable confidence that God is absolutely faithful to His promises, and therefore all those promises are as sure and certain as God Himself. Hope is the very thing that enables us to endure every trial for our joy intact. , "This hope we have as an anchor for the soul, both sure and steadfast."

February 26

, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." God be with you is a good way to end a conversation. God be with, uphold you, hide you, put His arms around you.
Father, I come to you this morning through the death and resurrection of Your Son. May Your holy presence truly be with me today and lead and guide me. May you please sustain me and my family here while I serve at GBC. Please strengthen Brianna in her inner being. Please pour your love into her heart by the Spirit. Help her to know more of the love of Jesus today. Please rescue Addison from Your own righteous wrath. Please substitute your Son in her place. Please convict her of sin Holy Spirit. God, please help Molly Grace to grow up to know You and please send the Spirit to change her heart. Please help Cooper with her cold. Thank you, Lord, for sustaining her and strengthening her. God, you are good and do good. Please help me to know you better today by knowing Your Word better, both the living Word and the written Word, in Jesus' name. Amen. And please give Kyler a spirit of repentance and faith. Please heal what sin has broken. I love you, Lord. Blake


Daniel 5:1 NASB95
Belshazzar the king held a great feast for a thousand of his nobles, and he was drinking wine in the presence of the thousand.
Rick sermon
Son of Nebinitis. He was king who was slain when Persia destroyed Babylon. Babylon fell quickly to Persians. Entered city when leaders were having a drunken feast. Verse 13 - he knew who Daniel was but dis honored.
Handwriting on the wall - v. 5-9
Handwriting from the back of the hand. God gets his point across without a prophet.
The Feast - v. 1-4
7 years after neb gained sanity. Weird timing of party because they were under attack. Thousands come to the party. Festival. Purpose to get drunk. Tasting wine feeling effects. Orders vessels to be brought in and idols to worship. Strong drink blurs propriety. Whatever sense he had was gone. Pride leads to blasphemy. An all out assault on the God of the Judeans. V. 23 the problem.
Handwriting on the wall - v. 5-9
God gets the point across without the need of a prophet. Belt knew what was going on. Feels the weight of it. His own conjured could not help. Queen? Don't know for sure. She tells him to get Daniel
The Prophet - v. 10-16
Men ignore what bothers them.
What do I do to glorify Christ?
Set your mind on Christ - He's worthy
Protected, provided, abiding, preparing
Set your course - represent Christ
Job to be His ambassador ( 2 Cor 5:6-10 )
My job is not furthering my efforts for me
Did I do my role to the glory of God?
He must increase, I must decrease
Set your heart
Salvation something I love every day - good day to be known by God. To be loved is to love and to love is to serve. 2 Cor 5:14-15.
Set your affection
What causes me to wonder? Stop it. Stop temporal distractions. Phil 3:17-20.

Rick Goertzen August 23, 2015

Daniel 9:1 NASB95
In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, of Median descent, who was made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans—
Don't miss the plead before the prophecy. Prophecy is the answer to the prayer. The high priestly portion of Scripture. A glimpse into Daniel's heart.
Verses 1-2. Daniel reading Scripture. He is in his mid 80's. He gets it. King who put Daniel in the lions den. Babylon falls in 539 BC. Cyrus used to bring end to 70 year captivity. Ezra Nehrmiah after decree.
Jeremiah 25:11-12 prophecy of 70 year desolation. Gods word is living and active and rules through the rise and fall of kings and kingdoms. Prophets studied prophets literally. His prayer is based on what he knows about 70 yr prophecy.
Seeking forgiveness from nation - v. 3-14
God not angry with Israel forever. Goal to discipline them and bring them back after 70 years.


Daniel 9:24 NASB95
“Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.
Alva McClain. No other prophecy more important. First 69 weeks accurately fulfilled. Reminder of the inerrancy of Scripture. Fulfilled when Christ rode in a donkey. Dan 9:24-27 the anvil on which liberal theories are shattered. People who late date Daniel. Chronological key to NT prophecy. Revelation expands the week and what follows. 70th week 2 equal periods of 3.5 years. Rev 11-13 gives those numbers. Prophecy comes as an answer to prayer. Israel about to return yo the land after 70 yr exile.
9 things to keep in mind:
1. Daniels people
Israel Daniels city Jerusalem
2. 2 princes
I prince messiah and 1 prince that is destroyer
3. Entire period 70 weeks
4. Beginning time period fixed - v. 25
Starts when decree to rebuild Jerusalem
From then 69 weeks
5. The end is appearance of Messiah
Cut off.

Link to NT Commentary

Dick Mayhue Sermons


Luke 23:12 NASB95
Now Herod and Pilate became friends with one another that very day; for before they had been enemies with each other.
Every rejection of Christ increases the fog in my heart. Rick Goertzen, Nov 22.

Rick's last Sunday

Hebrews 12:1 NASB95
Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,
The Race Set Before us
full of people we should want to be like - making stands for Christ.
Ending well is dying for God based on His promises
Issue is the worthiness of God these people put their faith in
Excelling in faith in the true God is all that really matters
Therefore a connecting word - is an exhortation for us to live like those in
1. A promise
2. A inference
Great crowd cheering us on so we get on with it
Every course is different
Whatever the course is is what God has for us so our confidence needs to be in the zone who has planned my course
Encouragement -
The witness of their faith is the fruit of their faith
Easy to get everything backwards - live for today and let the future take care of itself
Challenge to live out God's promises all along the course of life
Live by different promises and those promises ooze out of us
God is true
We can become lazy Christians
God has a lot for us in difficulty
- you are My witnesses
Israel supposed to be a light for the nations of Him
- don't be that guy
Detestable is a word we don't want applied to our lives before God
Own it - can't say I believe and love and live for myself
Want to reflect God well - not sad all the time, poor disposition,
Your life can be hard and yet doesn't have to be sad
Jeremiah life was hard but not sad
Fun stories even in the depression
We are witnesses for those who come after us
Cloud - density of humanity. There are many.
Church history full of faithful witnesses
History is full of people who suffered in amazing ways with undaunted courage because they took God at His Word
Be encouraged by example and by many
James - take the Prophets. Read the Prophets
Be encouraged by hardship
Read -
We move from encouragement to duty
Duty in the race - Run light
We are in the business of loading ourselves up
We're not travelers - we're runners
A runner is light because the race will be over soon
Our hearts overvalue what other people think
Talking about your faith
Clogging my life with what the world values will quench my faith
A life ruled by what other people think will weigh me down
Spiritual drano
Understand Mary and Martha - we shouled want what will not be taken away
Run light
Proneness toward temporal things
We all have issues - lay it aside
Entangled means you're unaware
Getting rid of sin a work of Christ
Christ died and that sin's power is broken
I am Paul Powerless at killing sin
Sin relegated to a subordinate role
Putting sin to death by the Spirit
Live by the Spirit I can put the sins Jesus died for to death
Christ broke the power of sin and Spirit helps me to mortifying it
Watch over myself with a holy suspicion
I know what I will do in certain areas
I weep over failure
Peter did when he betrayed Christ
Godly sorrow
We win and we lose
We weep over lost battles but we win the war
Run light
Run long
A runner is concerned with finishing and what is ahead and not what is behind
Rick ran marathon - got 20 mile mark and someone told him how far he had to go
We're running
Next Sunday Rick won't be here but the Word will keep being preached
There is a familiarity and a friendship that matters
But what matters is that we keep running
Some races are long and other races are short
Running for a crown of righteousness He has given us
We run because of necessity
God put us in this race - don't lolligag
Families running races on the promises of God
Don't be a goofball
Lock arms and run
Race requires patience - long race
Patience because it's hard
World makes it hard
Race separates us on this earth but race will end together at the same finish line
You have what you need and who you need


Seth Ross on Sanctification

2 Corinthians 3:18 NASB95
But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
To know God is to be changed by God
Dead don't but Christ does
The result of moving from death to life
Not saved is not sanctified - no ability
Mac and Berkhoff and Grudem and pocket dictionary of theological terms
Seth gives bad views on sanctification
Sanctification is an inevitable result of justification.
God is doing it
2 Cor 3:17-18
3 affects of sanctification
1. Positional - washed sanctified justified
We still struggle with sin
2. Progressive - the war we are in
See progress
Seths hope is not in his prayer - hope has to be in Christ
We do have a part to play -
Salvation leads to daily change - sanctified by the Spirit to obey Christ and to be sprinkled with His blood
Thinking about salvation should lead to humility and gentleness
Am I reading and understanding Scripture?
Am I doing what I learn?
God disciplines those He loves
Suffering should teach me to hate sin
Can't understand imprecatory Psalms until you're persecuted by foolish men
- God uses all things to work together for good to conform us to the image of Christ
God is painting the portrait of Christ in my life even though I see nothing but scratches
Paul prayed for our sanctification and Peter commanded it
Dedicate the rest of your life to it -
3. Perfectly Sanctified
Christ will present us blameless
Why we pray come quickly Lord Jesus
Why does it matter?
Position gives comfort and perfection gives us hope - Spurs us on
Trust in yourself and you will give up
Submit to Christ and keep trusting in Him
Key - dying to self is key
I sin when I think God is not enough
Trusting in for sanctification?
Trust wholly in God


Ephesians 5:7 NASB95
Therefore do not be partakers with them;
Pastor Bart on Mother's Day 2016
4 ways to honor God in imitation:
1. Exhibit the contrast - v. 7-8
Paul trying to save your life. Let the tenor of your life be walking in the light. What we were and what we are now. Darkness is the absence.

Bart on parenting

Ephesians 6:1 NASB95
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
These things a continual part of our lives. The big idea of the family. Paul assumes Christian parents will lead in the home. Set the purpose and the tone. If they don't the kids well. Purpose to glorify God. We're just stewards.
. A psalm of ascent. Road trip Psalm read by families on their way to Jerusalem. Unless the Lord builds the house. Children a gift. Families come from God.
Not change what you're doing but why. So many substitutes for the focus of the family. God expects the Gillen family to glorify God and enjoy him forever. God is the great King over all the earth. Is He king in my family?
You glorify God by making disciples. Them. How does that work? Saying the right thing at the right time the right way to the right person.
Parents lead
1. Start - you know enough to start
2. Authenticity - take them out and get to know them better. Talk to them about my failures.
3. Consistency - take their hands and connect their hands to Jesus' nail pierced hands
Parents set the tour for the home. Tone of Christian home - Grace. Founded and functioning by grace alone. You were dead in sin but God. Dealing with sin directly but graciously. Love them and love is costly.
You don't love to get a response.
Encouraging - thank you for reminding me why Jesus died.
Promote leading and submitting. Make it desirable.
Spirit filled - can't do it on your own
children must obey
Dependence on the adult
Obey - under the words. Under umbrella. Obey in the Lord. Opportunity to be obedient to authority - learned in the home. When kids obey God is pleased. .
Children are to honor their parents. . Not natural for kids to honor parents. Be honorable. Be worth honoring. Hold in high respect. God blesses kids who honor their parents.
Verse 4- father a stronger influence but both parent. Don't provoke - not a spiritual nag. Something that builds anger and resentment. Our children tempt us toward provoking. Poke them in the wrong way.
Don't have favorites. Don't hover. Well meaning helicopter? Give hope. Don't be a has been. They are that way because they need to turn from hoping in sin to hoping in the savior.
Instead of provoking discipline - big idea to create a relationship to learn about God. End of verse 4- the Lord. Must be connected.
Instruction - putting into the mind the things of the Lord.

Chuckster - may 29, 2016 GBC

Philippians 4:21 NASB95
Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren who are with me greet you.
Saint - someone who is saved. Not about piety. . Trouble living it out but they were still saints. Final greetings for everyday believers.
3 major themes:
1. The horizontal theme of fellowship - v. 21-22
Word for fellowship partnership found back in . Common commitment to Christ. Jesus enters in. Beyond a human bond. Union with Christ leads to fellowship. Created and caused the spread of the gospel. Verse 29 of chapter 1. Granted the word for grace. Salvation and suffering an act of grace. Common experiences create a deep bond of fellowship among believers.
- fellowship in the Spirit. . All made to drink of one spirit. . Son and heir through God. Adopted into God's family.
Should serve one another, new creation, conviction of sin love for what He loves, , , share abundantly in comfort. An active working of the Holy Spirit. Comfort from the knowledge of His return.
word used twice sharing resources
Theme of fellowship - gospel
Share in it, suffer for it, way of life
Results in:
2. Unity
. Can't have unity without the gospel. must be true. We have so much in common in Christ - more than we think. Spiritually we're the same. Like minded - keep thinking the same way. Same love - love one another when we understand how much we're loved by God. Same love bound up in the right knowledge of God's love for us. Full accord - joint souls. We are in full accord. Pray and thankful.
Repent of putting yourself first and start putting others first. Merciful toward one another.
John Newton when someone is in sin - start with your own sin. Am I considering my sin first?
How do we get there?

Bart Horton - 6/12/16

Matthew 5:6 NASB95
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
Jews didn't joke around about hunger and thirst. . Jesus puts two unique thing together. Seeking ultimate in anything other than righteousness shows you are outside of Jesus' kingdom.
Jesus' teaching backwards to most of the people. How do you hunger and thirst for righteousness righteousness?
1. Recognize righteousness
. Progression in Beatitudes. You will be poor in spirit. Convinced of soul poverty. You will mourn your offenses against God. Gentle - not the King.
Righteousness shows up in justification. Christ's work on my behalf. . God is the source. Is my faith in Jesus's righteousness? Righteous for the unrighteous. Imputation. God clothes me in righteousness.
Sanctification - becoming more like Christ. God's Spirit changing me. .


2 Timothy 2:15 NASB95
Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.
Goal of interpretation- not up to the reader to establish the meaning of the text. No. Let the author says what he does say and not what I think he ought to say.
- what do you think about that? Not the right question. Goal is to get the meaning and meaning is that which author meant to convey when he first wrote it. Authors intent.
2 Timothy written by Paul. Holy Spirit inspired each word. Guiding and protecting him to exactly what he wanted him to write. Is my explanation the single meaning of the text? What Paul intended and God the Holy Spirit intended. Historical - today as it was heard in its original setting.
Not what I think or how it relates to my life. Authorial intent the meaning of the text - inspiration. Protected Paul from mistakes.
Meaning that which author intended to convey when he first wrote - goal of interpretation is the meaning of the text.
We apply based on the primary meaning. Grammar matters. Historical meaning - grammar can make us happy. Don't hide yourself behind your pastor. Our responsibility to teach.

Rick Holland

Romans 1:3 NASB95
concerning His Son, who was born of a descendant of David according to the flesh,
Paul set aside for the gospel. Parenthesis verse 2. Concerning His Son. Our philosophy is a Person. God's good news is His Son. Are You the Son of God? Yes it is as you say. - blasphemy for claiming to be God's Son. God and man and man and God. He is God. Isaiah saw Christ.
Jesus is God.
Jesus' Lineage
Verse 2. . Why does it matter? 1st thing we learn about Jesus - . Son of David. Jesus carries out Messianic hope. Deity and humanity.
3. His Resurrection
Verse 4. He was the Son of God before the resurrection. Declared - pronounced, explained, proclaimed. Coming out speech.
Jesus died on the cross. Had a pulse and then literally died. No pulse. Buried dead. Romans knew how to make sure people were dead. Surely He wreaketh by now. .
1 Corinthiand 15.
Important question - where are Jesus' bones? Bones in His resurrected body sitting at the right hand of the Father. Resurrection our on ramp for everything.
He is at the Father's right hand and His Spirit is with us. Acts - resurrection mentioned more than cross. Message of Acts - Jesus is alive even though he was dead. .
I was dead and now I am alive. Jesus promises that for us. -
Every time Paul put on trial over the resurrection of Jesus. What Is most foolish to the world is that Jesus died and rose again and if we believe the same will happen to us.
Holy Spirit involved in resurrection. Spirit of Holiness. Belief in the resurrection changes everything! . Free from the fear of death. John the Baptist - you are the Christ aren't you.
His mission
We join in in verse 5. Apostleship sent out. We do this. Obedience of faith. Faith with no obedience is no faith. Gentiles wanted to hear Paul. Gospel for anyone with an ear. To bear My name.
No one to be excluded from the gospel. God is wonderfully color blind. Verse 7- beloved of God in Rome. Ones loved by God.
Is Jesus the object and focus of our faith, our identity our church? John Fawcett.
Indwelling of the Trinity. How can Jesus be with us if He is not alive? With us always. Thought of Him our favorite thoughts.
Intro for one phrase - . They learned Christ and that changed how they lived. . Grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.
Little Christs. . People consumed with their resumes. We never knew each other. Make the next chapter about Christ. Hutchinson needs the gospel of God concerning His Son.
Putting your faith and hope in confidence in Christ to forgive your sins.

Bart candidating sermon

Acts 4:1 NASB95
As they were speaking to the people, the priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up to them,
World is a mess. Time of peace is passing. Satan won't rest with our nation as bad as it already is. . We are concerned with pastors losing tax privileges. Concerned with being a societal outcast.
Christ is more powerful and more relentless than Satan. Jesus will see every knee bow to Him as Savior or Judge.
What now? . Jesus pretty simple. Take His message to His world. We need what Christ has already achieved. To live .
is a good portrait for what we should be doing. We must change for the advancement of God's kingdom. The world a hostile mess. Jesus saved us for a time like this. Light in darkness. Humility in pride. Ready. Producing people ready for texting, to spread God's gospel.
Stand when the world says we should bow.
the church explodes. - disciples in the upper room studying and praying. Many people had deep feelings about the situation. Murder, cover up, scandal.
Chapter 2 the Helper comes.
Boldness and power with the coming of the Spirit. Peter nails home the heart of the gospel. You nailed to the cross. Jews blamed Romans.
Messiah fulfills God's promise of salvation. You crucified. They were pierced to the heart. Repented, believed, got baptized.
Cripple from birth who lived by begging. Exhibit A the power of God so listen to what I have to say.
Preaching the resurrection for their hope. Authorities didn't like it.
1. Ready to evangelize
Yes. Peter preaching the gospel in the temple because believers in Christ share the gospel wherever they are in the power of the Spirit. Peter behind enemy lines.
Saducees denied miraculous, existence of spirit beings and angels and resurrection
Peter and John looked at life like an opportunity to evangelize. Saved hVe the Spirit - are you preaching the gospel?
How are lost people saved? . How will they hear without a preachers? Reach community? You are. Early church had the Spirit and the courage to preach the gospel in the power of the Spirit.
Church trains you to do this. Christ will change your life. Saved people are ready.
Be ready to share the gospel
Be ready for testing from the world - v 3-7
Works based righteousness money lovers
John contrary to all they stood for
Peter and John ministering for a few hours and then tossed in jail. Driving and see police and lights behind you. Not how Peter and John felt. Terrified. Worried about dying. Don't mess with livelihood of sadducees and live to tell about it.
Peter and John putting God's power on display in hostile territory. They went toward the neediest people. We have to be ready for testing. Right heart and right theology. Be ready for testing. . Paul understood trials come from God for our good. .
Peace with God and each other is found in Christ. If RC Sproul was the next president would I find peace in that? . Paul promises opportunity for testing.
Suffering for Christ's sake helps you grow. . NT does not promise believers the American Dream.
The end of . Not of the world so the world hates you. Helper comes. Quiet of terrified prison cell we need God's Words running through our minds.
Peter and John not terrified. World the enemy of us but the world is not our enemy. Government says to stop preaching the gospel?
God tests us for so many good reasons. When God is testing we are winning. . Luke highlights the drama. Look at all those against Peter and John. Powerful for personal benefit. Sadducees had devious motives. Scummy people hiding behind religion.
Tested but ready to respond.
Be ready to defend -
Peter puts the puzzle pieces of the Bible together. 400 silent years and then Christ. Jesus the only way, truth, life. . Jesus the only one who would and could.
Peter at the bottom of the circle pointing up to Christ. Trusted God to save His people. No one gets into heaven knowing what you hate. Defend Christ who saves the world.
Be ready for observation - v 13-14
Uneducated and untrained having been with Jesus. The believers life is under constant observation. Have I been with Jesus? More important than how I look or dress or enjoy.
Verse 13- Peter and John not special. But they did reveal Christ. What does the world see in us? Do they see Christ?
Be ready to stand - v 15-22
Trials ready to be over? Trials produce more trials. God doesn't give them a break. Supernatural happened. Obvious. They are told to stop. Same men killed Christ. Could have cowered down. Not best season for evangelism? Verses 19-20. We cannot stop preaching about what we've seen or heard.
Stand no matter the consequences. Bow or stand. Acquiesce to the world or stand like Peter and John? . How we make ourselves ready. Empty Blake of Blake and fill up with Christ.

Chuck Lambert

1 Corinthians 2:6 NASB95
Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away;
Niceties in verses 1-9.
Then Paul addresses a big problem in the church. Conflict and lack of unity. Quarreling. Acting immature. . Infants in Christ. People in the church acting like the world. Acting in opposition to Christ.
Philosopher community.
Paul diagnoses issue. Breaks down the disease. Going after the issue. Tire that needs air. Wait and deal with it. Take care of it the right way. Paul is going after the nail.
Source - wisdom and where it comes from. Distinction between worldly wisdom and godly wisdom. Issue comes out in 1:18. Godly wisdom is foolish to the world and worldly wisdom is useless to the godly.
Paul wanted nothing to get in the way of God's message and the Spirit's work. Paul did not want people following him for Pauls sake.
7 characteristics of godly wisdom
1. For believers - v 6
Mature- older in the faith. Not infants. Contrast here describes the difference between God's wisdom or human. All those who accept God's wisdom regardless of what the world thinks. .
Paul to believers and yet includes himself - we. Stop lining up behind human teachers because we're all saying the same thing under Christ. Same wisdom we're teaching so pods don't make sense.
Verses 27-28 in chapter 1
Debate a black hole. No light. No truth. Proves Paul's point. Human wisdom is foolish and fruitless.
Wisdom is for people who trust Christ.
2. Secret and hidden in the past - v 7
Mystery - truth of God hidden now revealed. . Not made known in other generations as it has been made known by the a
Apostles. God reveals His wisdom how He wants when He wants through whom He wants.
- God's plan for Israel not abandoned. Not all sleep but all changed in . Resurrection and the church a mystery. God will save sinners and raise them up to glory. The weak...
3. Eternal
Salvation is God's plan A from all eternity. Adam's sin did not ruin God's plan. God is God. Plan of redemption on Display thoughout NT.
Adam's sin and my sin did not surprise God one bit. Given grace before creation. God is completely trustworthy. Trinity in eternity past. Promise made in the Trinity from all eternity.
4. For our glory
Our good. Salvation wrapped up in the Trinity. Yes his glory. Yet he still loves us and gives us a supernatural destiny. Specific people part of God's redemptive plan. .
Angels impressed by our redemption. . Think about what the Angels experience daily. Gods presence God's messengers. See His glory manifested in our salvation and it means more. Angels long to look into these things more than any other event.
Why Paul determined to preach Christ crucified. Salvation no small thing and get we go through our days and don't reflect on it once. Shame on us.
5. Hated by the world - v 8
People who crucified Jesus were popular in the eyes of the world. Had no idea who they were murdering. They know Not what they do.
Gods wisdom and the worlds wisdom are at war with each other. One hates the other. Higher education shift.
6. Cannot be discovered by man
No human being can discover God's wisdom. man is totally deptaved. Unable unwilling to acquire Godly wisdom.
7. Revealed by the Spirit - v 10-13
The crux of the issue. The Spirit of God knows and reveals the wisdom of God. God's love and compassion.
3 ways the Spirit works
A. Revelation - v 10
Himself and the other apostles. . Spirit given to guide them into truth. proves all this. , .
Christ revealed to them to teach us.
Get rid of division because we all have the same wisdom by the same Spirit.
B. Inspiration - v 12-13
Paul Enns definition. .
Verse 13 translated uniquely. Spiritual things revealed put into Spiritual words by the Holy Spirit.
Next week illumination.

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1 Timothy 4:6 NASB95
In pointing out these things to the brethren, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine which you have been following.
Feed on God's Word. Hunger for it. Be fed by it.
Avoid gossip. Gossip a damaging activity to participate in. Sin nature evidenced.
Discipline yourself for godliness - profitable for all things.
Keep your eyes fixed on the living God. Most important. Disciples on the water. Peter took his eyes off of Christ and he sank. Hope in the living a God.
Use your youthfulness as a strength.
Be an example in these things - v 12
In everything go to the Word. Use your giftedness. An array of giftedness in one man.
Be a sponge - v 15. Always be a student.
Pace yourself - v 16. Fight the good fight.
- final charge. Greatest commandment to love a God with everything. Don't get caught up in the business side and lose your focus. Loving God and things come natural.

Titus 2 Bart Jan 22

Titus 2:12 NASB95
instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age,
The cart before the house
Universal expectation of failure
People make huge commitments
Spiritual growth is not the result of my own effort alone - we grow in godliness
What must I do to get God's grace?
Do this or ____________________you won't get Gods grace
If's in our lives prove we don't get Gods grace
Gods grace is free.
Gods grace is the way we grow in godliness
Grace the key to this section
Grace is the subject doing the saving and instructing
How will we speak sound doctrine to one another?
Way we honor God
What accords with sound doctrine? Verses 2-10. Roles in relationships.
Creational roles everywhere so the word of God is not dishonored
To honor salvation to explain it to the watching world
Verses 2-10 can't be done on our own
Messy incapable people need something
We must look to verse 11 for strength
Without grace we have works and works don't work.
How do you know when you're learning from grace?
1. Preeminent Grace - v. 12
Diving board gospel - dive in and then you do it
Grace is first and more
If I am the answer I'm in trouble
We read the Bible through the lens of what we need to do. Believers have duty. But not here.
What has God asked believers to do in verse 12? Nothing
Only instructing in godliness - Grace
God's grace changing you
2. Persistent Grace - v. 12
Trains disciplines instructs
Grace in the Word -not in hearing more sermons
Jesus appeared and now we are the dwelling place of God in the Spirit
Paul instructs in grace
Grace never gives up
Denial - giving something the axe
Cold dry branch broken on winter day
What you do when grace is instructing
3. Pruning Grace
Ungodliness - saved from kept from
Who we were
Grace won't let you stay the way you were
Grace trains us to say no to things and yes to things
Grace instructs me to live sensibly
Set in proper balance

Revelation 2

Setting - John in his 90's exiled to Patmos. empire wide persecution. Christ has something to say. Ch. 1 a powerful picture of the risen Savior. Church in Ephesus sort of like GBC. Things going great but a disease was showing up. 7 components:
1. The Recipients -
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