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Tell the story about joking with Michelle and pretending you were drawing the “Peacemaker”.
First mistake, is thinking it would work.
Second mistake, is teaching your wife house to use a real firearm.
Transition into the background of the Colt Peacemaker.
Single Action Armory Colt Peacemaker, 1893
7.5 inch barrel.
13 in overall length.
2.5 lbs
Fired the .45
Colt cartridge and not the .45
Tell the story about how elderly ladies used to carry them in the Upstate.
They never had to pull them, just had to hit you with their purse.
Deemed the “Peacemaker” due to its effective nature
Using it involved extreme consequences, both good and bad
the good -> peace was kept
the bad -> nail in a coffin
Elaborate how this is Step 3 of the conflict resolution progression.
Explain the previous two steps briefly and how this step can be so effective and detrimental.
Engaging someone can have both good and bad consequences
good -> with a right heart, desire to glorify God, guidance of the Spirit: God is glorified and conflict is addressed appropriately
bad -> abrasive nature, without examining your own heart, lack of desire to glorify God: more harm can be done
What we’re about to tread into is tough TOUGH stuff that we should not take lightly.
But we have been commanded to do so and not only commanded, but we have been given the ‘how to’ guide
Known as the passage for “Church Discipline” -> “Family Reconciliation” -> “Surgery” -> “Replantation”
We see this language used describing the church as the “body of Christ”
Read entire passage
1 Corinthians
Before we dig into this, this applies to those who claim the name of Christ for their justification
I believe these principles can be applied to a general audience, but remember that Scripture speaks to those who are fellow believers.
This truth will remind us to trust God’s sovereignty and love if the outcome is not what we want or expected
“Brother” applies to those who love and claim the name of Christ
Tell the story from the book about the two women who parted ways.
“You haven’t hurt me.
It’s just that as you were talking, I realized that you’re the first person I can remember who ever cared enough to talk to me like this” - Julia, employer
“By God’s grace, the two women parted in peace” - Ken Sande
Engagement does not always work
That person’s heart may be hardened and the rebuke is not received well
You may have to face consequences
Discuss 2% and your 100% responsibility
A broken body requires surgery and we, as members of the body of Christ, are charged as the surgeons
We are the one’s who have to engage -> we have to put the knife to the skin
As we look at the text, I see 6 points from these verses that stand out to me
6 Points
“Brother” applies to those who love Christ
We just talked about this
This can be used in both communities (secular and christian) but we must realize that this “how to” text and , was directed at believers
Talk about how you work in a secular environment and engaging people is different than here.
It shouldn’t be a ‘pass’, it should cause me sadness but I have to realize that they’re not a part of the Body and I cannot use the same surgical techniques
Requires a sin -> not a disagreement
Talk about doing research with Dr. Banik and Dr. Farkas.
There are three vastly different personalities there, different cultures, different religions, etc. but we get along.
Even talked with Dr. Banik about how there is no “peaceful disagreement” anymore
Before taking this step of gently engagement, it’s worth asking the question of if it’s a sin
Points from Ken Sande’s book
I need to go when a conflict damages my relationship with someone
I need to go when conflict is hurting others
I need to go when conflict is hurting the offender
I need to go when a conflict is significantly dishonoring God
Surgery is required for a broken body, not a boo boo
Urge you to overlook an offense before jumping into engaging too quickly
Discretion should be used at all levels
Professor Mehrabian, 1971, published a book called Silent Messages in which he discussed his research on non-verbal communication.
7% of communication is verbal
93% of communication is non-verbal
55% is body language
38% is tone (not what you say, but how you say it)
So many people have debunked this myth!
Tell story of hard to listen to a speaker who doesn’t deliver it well
We should not use discretion when approaching this person.
Be open.
Be real.
Be clear.
discretion - the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.
- a chandelier in a rotting house
We see this progression throughout this text
Rule of thumb: Keep the circle involved as small as possible as long as possible
Engagement does not always work
We just talked about this
Star Wars reference when Luke approaches Jaba the Hutt and offers his two droids so that they will let Han Solo free
He knew that Jaba wasn’t going to accept that!
Compared to the two coworker above, we can’t know the outcome of the engagement.
We are just called to be faithful and restore peace
Surgeon on a tumor -> it may work or it may not, I’m required to perform my job
This is not a solo act -> the body of Christ is needed
The penalty for false witness to a crime is the same as the crime itself -
Body of Christ Helps By Prayer
Jesus is present among His people in a special way when the unity and purity of His family are at stake and when the church takes up the duty of discipline.
Spiritual Warfare -
Armor of God
Prayer is needed from all parties involved in conflict.
A surgeon performing surgery without a clear mind and heart cannot be effective and the same applies to us.
Question 154.)
What are the outward means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of his mediation?
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