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Preparation for the Kingdom

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Read both passages
Verse 3: I wonder why they took no oil?
Verse 4: i wonder why the wise took oil? What were they expecting?
Verse 5 tells me the people went about their normal business
Verse 6 in an instant, the bridegroom appears...
Verse 7 all trimmed their lamps,
Verse 8 the fools recognized something: they weren’t equipped for the moment, they needed more oil
Verse 9: NO! GO!
Verse 10: the foolish ran out of time and the wise were taken by the bridegroom
Verse 11: open up
Verse 12: I don’t know you
Verse 13: Watch! You don’t know.
10 is the sufficient number for a synagogue (perfect number)
What does the oil represent? The grace of God.
the wise maintain their supply of grace-How?
the fools were satisfied with their spiritual state and took no pains to invest in their spiritual health
these kept the outward form of faith but neglected the true inward life of faith- no prayer life, no scripture hid in their heart, no communion with God
If life is all happiness, watch out-if you have no trouble, you are in trouble
What does the oil represent? The Holy Spirit
The Spirit filled life is a life of wisdom
The Spirit filled life is a life of action
The Spirit filled life is a life of preparation/renewal
At midnight, the hour one desires the deepest sleep, the bridegroom comes: as a thief in the night
1 Thes
1 Thessalonians 4:16 ESV
For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.
A great cry was heard! Behold the Bridegroom: oh yeah, i should have been X and Y and Z
I should have been kind, i should have forgiven, i should have applied the grace to others that i now desire God to provide me!
No give us some oil…no, between us and you is a great gulf, a chasm that cannot be crossed:
besides, this is a personal grace procured through patience, suffering, earnestness and pursuit of God
THe grace must be your own. Not of the parents, grandparents,
Judged individually
The opportunity was wasted
The door is shut, the time has ended
Not enough to belong to a church
We must examine ourselves often
is important here
Luke is a similar passage
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