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The Lord is My Shephard

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The Lord is My Shephard

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Next to the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm is one of the most beloved of the Psalms. No matter what translation one uses when reading the Bible, none does any better justice to this Psalm than the elegant, poetic prose of the King James Version. Of initial biblical passages read and memorized, this psalm is at the top of the list. Parents teach it to their children shortly after they master “Now I lay me down to sleep.”
I really cannot add anything new to the text of this psalm; but will look at how this psalm aids chaplains in general. This psalm is a useful map, an instructional aid to chaplains and pastors as a whole. This particular series will emphasize it as a guide for individuals about to enter into jail and prison ministry.

I. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

A. The Lord is my Shepherd. God is the shepherd - .
What does a shepherd do? A shepherd gently leads and guides his flock. He takes them to places which will provide protection from predators. He will leave the 99 sheep in a safe place in order to find the one who has strayed and lost in order to return him/her to the group. He will diligently seek the sheep who frightened and scattered by predators and lead them back to the safety of the fold.
Not only does the shepherd lead, guide and protect his flock, but He also provides sustenance for them. The area chosen for safety also provides ample food for them. The flock can eat and drink in peace. The food promotes the growth of each and every member. He is Jehovah-jireh () our provider.
The shepherd spends so much time with the flock that they know his voice. He spends time with each member. He knows each of his sheep intimately and they him. They not only know the shepherds voice but they know his own pet name which the shepherd gave to him. Each member of the flock knows when the shepherd is speaking just to him and when he is speaking to the group as a whole.
B. I am not the Shepherd. I am one of the sheep.
As a minister, I cannot provide for the physical needs of prisoners. That is dictated by the government which provides specific means of housing for jails and prisons.
I am not God. I must serve God. I am merely his servant to do God’s bidding. If I am faithful in following The Shepherd, others will follow.
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