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What Are We Actually Willing To Change? - 11AM

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Too often we spend far more time talking about change then actually making changes. At some point, we need to be honest with each other about where we’re at. At some point, a line has to be drawn and a decision has to be made. Church and ministry leaders need to champion this process in order to keep our churches moving forward with Gospel focus. In the last passage of Acts, the Apostle Paul does just that; ending the conversation and drawing a line.

Notes & Transcripts
 Whitehorse Baptist Church "7 POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS" "WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY WILLING TO CHANGE?" (ACTS 28:23-31) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) LASTING IMPACT - CONVO 7 CLIP (C. NIEUWHOF) 3. (SLIDE 1) DOM'S STORY (Pg. 140-142) Ø (SLIDE 2) Big Reveal: This was our sister church in Sarnia, ON! 4. "WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY WILLING TO CHANGE?" Ø (SLIDE 3-4) Series Recap. & Message Intro. TEACHING & APPLICATION: 5. (SLIDE 5-7) ACTS 28:23-31 (Paul is calling for a massive change!) 6. 2 DIFFICULT QUESTIONS (L.I., Convo #7, Pg. 142-146, 6 Principles) Ø "What To Do When People Want A Church To Grow...But Not Change" 7. (SLIDE 8) QUESTION #1: Are We Willing To Tell the Truth? (1 of 6) a) Lasting Impact Quote, Convo #7, Pg. 143 b) (SLIDE 9) Paul Told the Truth For the Gospel (Acts 28:23-24) i) He loved them enough to teach them, morning 'til night. He's strategic, using every Old Testament evidence he can think of. ii) For the Gospel, he has to tell his people what they don't want to hear. (Some accepted and some rejected. Focused on the 'why'.) c) (SLIDE 10) Let's Tell the Truth For the Gospel (Each other & the World) i) How much do we really love each other and our world? We should teach, using every evidence we have. (O.T., N.T., History & Stats) ii) For the Gospel, we have to be honest, sometimes giving difficult words. (Some accept and some reject. Stay focused on the 'why'!) Ø Church: Celebrate our history, but acknowledge Gospel production. Ø Individuals: Champion our walk, but acknowledge Gospel calling. 8. (SLIDE 11) QUESTION #2: Are We Willing To Draw a Line... ...and Call It What It Is? (6 of 6) a) Lasting Impact Quote, Convo #7, Pg. 145 b) (SLIDE 12) Paul Drew a Line and Called It For the Gospel (Acts 28:25-28) i) He gives them an honest, yet harsh reality, using a well-known prophetic writing. (At some point, the conversation has to conclude.) ii) He gives them a decision to make. (Leave legalism, embrace the New Covenant and fulfill the Gospel mandate.) c) (SLIDE 13) Let's Draw a Line and Call It For the Gospel i) Pastor-Elder Vision Retreat: The Lord called us to bring some conversations to a close this coming year. (2018 is a decision year.) ii) 2018 Pastor-Elders Team Goals Ø 12 White Roses (Salvations): Because we believe we're called to spread the Gospel. (Preaching Series & Personal Evangelism) Ø New Property Commission: Because we believe we're called to Mountainview Drive, to spread the Gospel in that area of the city. Ø Determine the Future of MLBC: Because we believe we're called to effectively leverage our assets to spread the Gospel. Ø Church Growth To 200 Attendance: Because we believe we're called to equip the church to spread the Gospel. CONCLUSION: IDEA 9. (SLIDE 14) THE FUTURE WITH JESUS a) Lasting Impact Conclusion Quote, Pg. 161-162 b) (SLIDE 15) INVITATION (Worship In Response) Ø SING-PRAY-GIVE (Post Message Prayer)
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