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HOLY SPIRIT 101  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  42:51
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I). PAUL ENCOURAGES WE SHOULD TO EXPERIENCE ALL 3 a). The Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ. b). The Extravagant Love of God, the Father. c). The Intimate Firendship of the Holy Spirit. II). WHO IS HE? a). There is a lot of Confusion out there about the Holy Spirit. b). He is a HIM. c). He is Not WEIRD. d). He is God. III). WHAT DOES HE DO AS MY FRIEND. (He Will's) a). He Will Be With Me b). He Will Reveal the Bible to Me c). He Will Help Me Share Jesus with Others. d). He Will Convict Me of Sin e). He Will Guide Me Through Life. IV). CONCLUSION: WHAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD YOU TODAY?

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