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There's Always Hope - Love Never Fails

Lifting Up Christ in the 21st Century  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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The fellowship with Christ described and its results.

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Why did Jesus pray this prayer in the hearing of His apostles?

The Mission and its Glory
The Model Jesus Set

Why did Jesus pray this prayer in the hearing of His apostles?

The Foundation of Life
The Means to the Desired Goal

Facts will help us find the answer.

#1 His opposition is out to kill Him.

#2 He has fully exposed them for what the truly are.

#3 His betrayer has betrayed Him.

#4 He has warned the disciples of their destiny of persecution.

#5 Immediately after the prayer they travel to the garden where He is arrested.

#6 Jesus knows the hour of His death has come.

#7 He knows how His death will impact His apostles.

This prayer to the heart of His Father is for His apostles benefit.

This prayer addresses the intentional mission the Father gave the Christ.

This prayer addresses the model of Christ as the example for the apostles.

This prayer addresses the union of Christ with His Father and the union of His followers with them.

This prayer addresses the power necessary for the mission, model and message of the apostles to effect people.

The prayer is the key for our success in overcoming the world and ourselves.

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