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Looking & Believing

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Look to Jesus. He is worthy of your trust and life. Faith in Him will never fail.

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Preceding Context

Who wrote this gospel?
John the Apostle
Beloved disciple
Disciple at the cross
Wrote John, 1-3 John, and Revelation
Only disciple to not die brutally.
- Two Miracles
Feeds 5,000
Walks on Water

Main Text

v22-25: Crowds searching (seeking) for Jesus
What do you think were the intentions of the crowd?
Not all who seek Jesus, seek Him for the right reasons.
v26: Jesus exposes the motive of the seekers.
They sought the things Jesus could give them, rather than Jesus Himself.
v27: Jesus gives instruction
Do not seek earthly food, but spiritual food.
- God takes care of animals; He will take care of you.
Son of Man - messianic title ().
What does that title mean?
Jesus gives eternal food and the Father approves of all the Son does.
v28-29: “What must we do to be doing the works of God?”
Jesus replies that the work of God is faith in the Son of God.
What does Jesus mean by “believe?”
He does not mean mere head knowledge, but true faith and trust in who Jesus said He was.
Who is Jesus claiming to be?
Notice how Jesus tells us that He came from the Father.
v30-31: They revert to seeking “signs.”
Their brain is their sight, rather than their faith ( ).
Jesus had just fed these people. They already saw signs and still did not believe.
These people twist Scripture to get their way. They were not concerned with what they actually said, they just wanted food. They interpreted for selfish gain. They did not really even want Jesus.
v32-33: Jesus corrects their misunderstanding of the Scriptures.
Jesus points out that God was the giver, not Moses. These people praise the gift over the Giver; the creation over the Creator.
- manna / - wandered for their rejection of Him.
Jesus makes the bold claim of being the “True Bread.” This bread not only brings satisfaction it brings true life!
v34: They ignorantly ask for physical bread.
v35-36: Jesus shares more insight.
He is the bread of life, the One hwo satisfies their hunger and quenches their thirst.
Is Jesus referring to physical hunger and thirst?
What is He saying?
Jesus points out their folly; they had seen and still disbelieved. This reminds me of Lazarus and the Rich man
( ) The rich man wanted Lazarus to warn his brothers, but Abraham tells him: if they didn’t believe the Scriptures, then they wouldn’t even believe if someone was raised from the dead - the rich man was wanting a sign.
This is the same reasoning of many people throughout history. They want to see something before they believe in God. ex/ Thomas.
v37: “Whoever comes to me I will never cast out.”
Is that comforting? If so, how?
Anyone who comes to Jesus by faith will never be abandoned and will never be alone.
v38-39: He has come to fulfill the Fathers will.
Those who Jesus saves, He will not lose. Because if He did that would mean He did not do the Father’s will, which would make Him a liar, which would mean Jesus was only a self-centered lunatic.
Notice the promise Jesus gives: If you believe in Him, He will resurrect you on the last day.
He will raise you to Himself. He will bring you into His eternal and joyful presence.
v40: The will of God is the belief in the Son of God.
Look to the Son and believe in Him - He will keep His promise.
Notice it says “look” What does looking at Jesus have to do with anything?
You see “Look” mentioned other times in Scripture.
In - John the Baptist “looks” at Jesus and then tells others to “behold” the Lamb of God.
In - The Centurion acknowledges Jesus as the Son of God after looking upon Him.
Lastly we are faced with the word “believe.”
“The natural mind is ever prone to reason when we ought to believe… to go our own way when we ought steadily to walk on in God’s ways...” - George Muller
Baker Encyclopedia says “Belief is a conviction based on a testimony that something is true or that someone is reliable.
Believing involves trust and faith.

Application - How Should We Live in Light of This?

Ask yourself these questions
Ask yourself these questions
Are you seeking Jesus for heaven alone, for blessing, for approval of family or society? Why are you seeking Him? Are you seeking Him?
Do you trust, belief, and are you putting your faith in Jesus? What is your faith in? Is your faith active, does it affect the way you live?
What are some areas you see faith lacking? Have you asked God to help you?
Do you look to Jesus in all of life or just when you think you “need” Him?
Are you feasting and drinking from the plate of Christ and the fountain of life? Faith grows as you feast on the word.
Have you asked God to show you areas of your life that are not submitted to His will? Are you willing to follow Christ’s will even if it means having your dreams crushed?
Are you willing to trade the acceptance of people for the true acceptance of Christ?
Are you looking forward to His return or are you caught up in the things of life?
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