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Explain the reformation; celebrating 500 years.
Explain the Solas
The phrases are life changing.
Big Idea: Salvation is accomplished and applied by Christ alone.
Everything we’ve discussed thus far- accomplished in and through Christ alone.
Romans 5:12-17
Clarity, knowledge, wisdom, cause our faith to grow and unite us in the gospel.
Who Represents Us?
No matter your opinion of the United State’s president the fact is this person represents us.
This is why people become so passionate come election time for their candidates, right?
We are all worried that our interests should be represented.
And so when we have a president, everything they say, do, act, represents all of us who are apart of the country that they are at the front of.
And this is true for all countries, all throughout history.
And this is true for all countries, all throughout history.
Even in Christianity, the idea of representation is loud and clear.
Everyone is represented by one man.
You are either represented by Adam or Christ.
And the bible is saying that if Adam represents you are damned but if Christ represents you, you are free.
All throughout Scripture, and the new testament specifically, we see this language.
In 1 Corinthians Paul calls it the two Adams, the first Adam is death but the second Adam, the last Adam, brings life.
So let’s take a journey back to Genesis....
Creation of the garden, animals, Adam and Eve.
Covenant relationship with Adam
Take care of the gardens
Take care of the animals
Take care of your wife
Don’t eat from that tree.
Adam broke the covenant.
Sin was introduced when Adam broke the law/rule.
Sin cause a cosmic fracture
one of the results of that?
Every person will now be born in Adam/sin.
No one taught my kids to sin.
They learn it naturally because they are in Adam and not in Christ.
Being born into a Christian home doesn’t save you.
Solus Christus.
Jase, can stubborn and disobedient.
He likes to do things his way.
Grayson, has no respect for authority and people.
He’s a bully and doesn’t like submission.
Kian is selfish.
He eats on his time, sleeps on his time, can only be held in certain positions that please him.
All people are born into sin and it only takes you to notice it..
So because our representative blew it, that means we blew it.
Some of you might be uncomfortable by this and might be thinking well thats not even fair!
Why does my representative blowing it mean I gotta suffer?
Good question, lets chop it up.
First, Adam just wasn’t anyone.
He was the first man.
He walked with God.
He was your dad.
great great great great great great great .....
Second, how many of you have sinned before?
This proves, you wouldn’t have done better.
You would’ve sinned against God the same way Adam had.
In fact, it would’ve likely been worse.
In some way, we are responsible in the garden as much as Adam.
And so because we are family with Adam, born into him, death is our reward.
And this is fair.
This is just.
We are offered the freedom and grace and justification in Christ!
Jesus was in a covenantal relationship with the Father, he comes down and is tempted like Adam, Jesus dies as punishment for sin just like Adam…but the difference… Adam and us die because we’ve sinned Jesus died for the sins of His people as an act of sacrificial love for them and removes the curse of Adam over their heads and gives them a new spotless life.
1 Corinthians
God’s children have experienced both Adams.
We have been born into the earthly Adam.
The one who put the curse of sin and death on us and then we’ve experienced the love of the second Adam.
The one who died for us, defeated sin and death and made us alive with him and good with God.
There is salvation with no one else.
Solus Christus.
Only Christ could satisfy Gods wrath, move us from enemy to family with God, defeat sin, defeat death, and remove the curse of Adam that broke this world and says I will return to make all things new.
What does Jesus say?
I am the way the truth and the life and no one gets to God except through me?
The way!
Romans 10:
See, this is Solus Christus.
Only Jesus offers life, only Jesus offers freedom to everyone who is willing to come.
Sounds so scary?
Believe in Jesus your good, don’t believe in him you get wrath.
But what does this really say?
You don’t have to be a religious person, you don’t have to be a moral person, it doesn’t matter what your past looks like, it doesn’t matter your sin.
Your sin does not disqualify you from receiving grace in fact it qualifies you.
No one needs grace more than than the sinner and that is all of us!
The only message worth preaching, the only things worth talking about, the only thing worth teaching is Jesus.
This is why who you listen to
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