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Soteriology is the doctrine of Salvation
Man by nature, is totally depraved, guilty before God, and under the penalty of death.
Soteriology deals with the provision of salvation through Christ.

The Purpose, Plan, and Method of God

Salvation is the great spiritual work of God in respect to man

It is reasonable to believe, that God has a definite purpose, plan, and program in salvation.

The Purpose of God

In Human Nature

The Knowledge of God
The Knowledge of Sin

In the Scriptures

The Law
The Prophets
Numerous Types in the O.T.

The Plan of God

The Means; How salvation is provided
The Objectives; Realization
The Persons; Who is it that Benefits
The Conditions; Availability
The Agents: Application

The Revelation of God’s Plan

The Outline of God’s Plan

The Method of God’s Plan

In the Old Testament Era
The Present Era
The Future Era
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