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What Cultural Trends Are We Missing? - 9AM

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We’ve noted earlier in this series, that our culture is changing rapidly! Canada, like most Western countries is moving toward a post-Christian society. Upcoming generations have been jaded by the tradition of institutional church. And with a rising immigrant population, Western Christianity is being challenged to adjust it’s techniques to reach the lost. Thankfully, the Apostle Paul was a cultural chameleon, giving us some great instruction on how to shift as our culture shifts.

Notes & Transcripts
 Whitehorse Baptist Church "7 POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS" "WHAT CULTURAL TRENDS ARE WE MISSING?" (ACTS 21:37-22:8) OUTLINE STYLE: SUBJECT COMPLETED DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: IDEA 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) LASTING IMPACT - CONVO. 6 CLIP (BY CAREY NIEUWHOF) Ø "WHAT CULTURAL TRENDS ARE WE MISSING?" b) (SLIDE 1-2) Quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #6, Pg. 111-112. c) (SLIDE 3-4) Series Recap. & Message Intro. TEACHING: 3. (SLIDE 5-8) ACTS 21:37-22:8 (Paul, the Cultural Chameleon!) a) Connect Acts 21-22 & Lasting Impact, Convo #6, Pg. 113-117 i) "Cultural Trends Church Leaders Can't Ignore (But Might)" (12 Principles) 4. (SLIDE 9) QUESTION #1: Is Trust In Authority Declining? a) Pg. 115, Principle 6 of 12: “Declining trust in authority.” b) PAUL'S TECHNIQUE: i) (SLIDE 10) Connected with the People: (1) Speaking their language (Tribune & Jews), (2) finding similarities (city and teacher), (3) understanding their beliefs (right to believe), (4) describing past authority. ii) (SLIDE 11) Proclaimed the Truth (Once common ground has been established.) Ø Authority is transferred to Christ! (Saving him from bondage!) Ø Freedom through submission (to the Gospel). c) OUR TECHNIQUE: i) (SLIDE 12) Connect with People: Racial (First Nations / Filipino) & Generational (Unchurched Millennials / Gen. X'ers) Ø (1) Speak their language, (2) find similarities, (3) understand their beliefs (and right to believe), (4) describe past authority. ii) (SLIDE 13) Proclaim the Truth (Once common ground has been established.) Ø Transfer authority to Christ! (Saving us from bondage!) Ø Submit (to the Gospel) to experience freedom. APPLICATION: 5. (SLIDE 14) QUESTION #2: Is Desire For Greater Purpose Increasing? a) Pg. 116, Principle 9 of 12: “Desire for greater purpose.” b) GOSPEL TECHNIQUE: i) (SLIDE 15-16) 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 Ø Outlines Paul's technique that we witnessed in Acts 21-22. ii) (SLIDE 17) Become a Cultural Chameleon Ø Study, understand and become the people. o "Become" CAVEAT: Understand the balance of culture and sin. • i.e. Gender Roles & Sexuality (Witness Vs. Acceptance.) iii) (SLIDE 18) Focused On the Greater Purpose Ø Lay down custom, tradition, and institution, for the sake of the Gospel. o (SLIDE 19) i.e. #MountainviewChurch CONCLUSION: 1. (SLIDE 20) LAYING DOWN TRADITION & INSTITUTION a) Our Tradition & Institution: i) Inception (Fellowship instead of Denomination.) ii) Then..."Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada" rebranded as "Fellowship National". iii) Then..."Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of BC and the Yukon" rebranded as "Fellowship Pacific". 2. (SLIDE 21) INVITATION (Worship In Response) Ø POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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