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What Keeps High-Capacity Volunteers From Engaging Our Mission (9:00 AM)

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Volunteerism is an essential component to fulfilling the mission of the church. Unfortunately, too often we volunteer without considering our gifting and calling. Soon our good intentions turn to feelings of obligation, then lack of fulfilment sets in, which always causes problems. In Acts 16, Paul finds a young man named Timothy who had significant leadership gifts. Timothy answer God’s call to lead and became one of the youngest leader of leaders the church has ever seen.

 Whitehorse Baptist Church "7 POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS" "WHAT KEEPS HIGH-CAPACITY VOLUNTEERS FROM ENGAGING OUR MISSION" (ACTS 16:1-5) OUTLINE STYLE: DEDUCTIVE-DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) "LASTING IMPACT - CONVO 4 CLIP" BY CAREY NIEUWHOF 3. (SLIDE 1) "WHAT KEEPS HIGH-CAPACITY VOLUNTEERS FROM ENGAGING OUR MISSION?" (IDEA) a) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #4, Pg. 73. b) (SLIDE 2-3) Series Recap & Message Intro. TEACHING & APPLICATION: 4. (SLIDE 4-5) ACTS 16:1-5 5. 3 DIFFICULT QUESTIONS: Acts 16:1-5 & Lasting Impact, Convo #4 Ø "Reasons High-Capacity People Leave Your Team" (3 of 7 Principles) 6. (SLIDE 6) QUESTION #1: Is Our Mission, Vision, and Strategy Fussy? a) Lasting Impact, Pg. 80, "Our Mission, Vision, and Strategy Are Fuzzy" b) (SLIDE 7) Timothy understood the mission, vision and strategy. i) Timothy had given his life to Christ, with witness given about his discipleship and therefore, understood the mission and vision to spread the Gospel. ii) In Acts 15, the specific strategy of this journey was leadership training, visiting and building up the Elders and Deacons of established churches. c) (SLIDE 8) We understand our mission, vision and strategy! i) Our Mission: "To Serve and Glorify God" (By spreading the Gospel!) ii) Our Vision: "To be an authentic, vibrant church, serving and reaching our city." (Again, the Gospel is the focus!) iii) (SLIDE 9) Our Strategy: 2018 Pastor-Elder Team Strategy, which aids the Board and Ministry Leaders in setting Strategy (Goals and Actions Plans). 7. (SLIDE 10) QUESTION #2: Is the Challenge Big Enough? a) Lasting Impact, Pg. 79-80, "The Challenge Isn't Big Enough" b) (SLIDE 11) Timothy accepted a big challenge. i) Paul rejected John Mark in Acts 15. (Remember that this is a leadership training journey. Maybe Paul knew John Mark wasn't the right guy?) ii) All of sudden, God provides Timothy in Acts 16! Paul saw a high-capacity leader in Timothy, and Timothy produced! (1 & 2 Timothy gives evidence!) iii) Read 1 Tim. 4:11-12. (Highlights Timothy becoming one of the youngest pastors to train Elders and Deacons of established churches.) c) (SLIDE 12) We've accepted a big challenge. i) Not a mistake that it's our first double-service Sunday! ii) Paul's investment in Timothy highlights our role to invest in young leaders. (They have time, energy and drive to accept big challenges! Give 'em a shot?) iii) "Who is my Timothy?" (Challenge to Ministry Leaders!) Ø Page 80, " their volunteers...responsibility." (Not more busy work!) 8. (SLIDE 13) QUESTION #3: Do We Let People Off the Hook Too Easily? a) Lasting Impact, Pg. 81, "You Let People Off the Hook Too Easily" b) (SLIDE 14) Timothy was chosen to lead. (John Mark chosen to Shepard.) i) CAVEAT: Don't diminish the powerful restoration opportunity that Barnabas gave John Mark! Nor diminish that he went on to become a great! But maybe God knew (leading Paul), that he wasn't the right leader to be leading leaders. (Maybe he had the gifting of Pastor-Shepard but not the gift of leadership?) c) (SLIDE 15) Some are chosen to lead. (Some are chosen to "__________".) i) Too often, even with good intentions, people volunteer in areas they're not gifted in or called to. Soon obligation leads to lack of fulfillment, and problems. ii) There are many incredible pastors, elders and board members who are incredible people, but they have not been given nor affirmed in the gifting of leadership. Too often the church suffers. (This goes for any ministry!) iii) or Paper Copies on the Service Board. CONCLUSION: 9. (SLIDE 16) BALANCING GRACE & TRUTH (Honesty) a) Barnabas sided with grace and John Mark excelled as a pastor, potentially writing the Gospel of Mark. b) Paul sided with truth and Timothy excelled as a leader of leaders, leading Paul to write 1 and 2 Timothy. c) (SLIDE 17) Quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #4, Pg. 75-76. 10. (SLIDE 18) INVITATION (Worship In Response) Ø POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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