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Are Our Leaders Healthy...Really?

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Point to a healthy church and more than likely, its led by healthy leaders. But even healthy leaders can have set-backs, which can lead to stress and anxiety. If that leader’s not careful, burnout can be right around the corner. And that burnout can impact the entire congregation. How can we prevent ministry burnout? How do we restore someone who has burnt out? Today we look at the Acts account of John Mark, a leader who was burnt out but thankfully, restored.

Notes & Transcripts
Whitehorse Baptist Church "7 POWERFUL CONVERSATIONS" "ARE OUR LEADERS HEALTHY...REALLY?" (ACTS 15:36-41) OUTLINE STYLE: INDUCTIVE-DEDUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION: 1. PRE-MESSAGE PRAYER (Facilitated by Worship Team) 2. (VIDEO) LASTING IMPACT - CONVO. 3 CLIP (BY CAREY NIEUWHOF) 3. "ARE OUR LEADERS HEALTHY...REALLY?" a) (SLIDE 1-2) Read quote from Lasting Impact, Conversation #3, Pg. 57. b) (SLIDE 3-4) Series Recap. & Message Intro. TEACHING: 4. (SLIDE 5-6) ACTS 15:36-41 a) Typical focus is on the end of a great ministry partnership (Paul & Barnabas). b) Today, we focus on the cause of this break-up, John Mark. (Why?) 5. (SLIDE 7) JOHN MARK'S HEALTH (A STUDY CARD JOURNEY) a) In Acts 12, we meet John Mark. (The son of a woman named Mary, who opened her home for the church to gather.) i) John Mark is clearly brought into the ministry. b) (SLIDE 8) In Acts 13, John Mark checks out. The exact reasons are unclear, but he quit the ministry and went home. i) “Then John Mark quitted them, and returned to Jerusalem, without the consent of Paul and Barnabas; either he did not like the work, or he wanted to go and see his mother. It was his fault, and we shall hear of it again.” (Matthew Henry's Commentary) c) (SLIDE 9) Back to Acts 15: Should John Mark be restored? i) “Paul opposed it (Acts 15:38)…he did not think him worthy of the honour, nor fit for the service, who had departed from them, clandestinely as it should seem, without their knowledge, or wilfully without their consent, from Pamphylia (Acts 13:13), and went not with them to the work…" (Matthew Henry's Commentary) d) (SLIDE 10) Was John Mark the first ministry burnt-out? i) A young disciple, under Paul and Barnabas, going hard, but couldn't sustain it. ii) And since John Mark, there have been many others who have burnt-out. APPLICATION: IDEA 6. (SLIDE 11) IS OUR MOTIVATION FADING? (Today's Difficult Question) a) Read quote on Pg. 59. i) From Lasting Impact, Convo. #3 (Pages 58-62) Ø "How To Tell If A Leader Is Burning Out" (6 Principles) b) For some reason, John Mark's motivation faded and he went home. CONCLUSION: 7. (SLIDE 12) MAKING CHANGES, AVOIDING BURNOUT a) Thankfully, John Mark got back to ministry alongside Barnabas. Ø Let's make sure his story doesn't become our story! b) (SLIDE 13) Moving to 2 Worship Gatherings! (9 & 11 AM) i) We're making a change to avoid burnout. Ø We value our Children's Ministry Leaders! ii) (SLIDE 14) We need help to avoid further burnout! (Choose to serve!) 8. (SLIDE 15-16) COMMUNION (1 COR. 11:23-26) 9. (SLIDE 17) INVITATION TO BAPTISM & WORSHIP Ø POST-MESSAGE PRAYER (Pray for OFFERING & Close Message)
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