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Attention Please!

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A natural Pull (1)

Warning against drifting
drifting is a natural thing - nautical term
Isaiah 44:4 ESV
They shall spring up among the grass like willows by flowing streams.
ill: Accurate picture
drifting happens in steps, not all at once
no one wakes up one day and sets on the agenda to deny Christ
away from truth (what we heard)
Delivered by the Angels (v14)

Cause for Alarm (2)

a comparison to the past
throughout this book, this method is used
it’s meant to get our attention and jolt us
illus: when you watched the news on natural disasters there’s a comparison to past events
illus #2: contract between tubing and ripcurrent
Here’s how it goes:
just punishment was given to every disobedient action under the law (given through angels
There is just punishment
the punishment fits the crime - utter rejection for utter rejection
all the worse for those who have tasted and yet reject

The Only Anchor (3-4)

If we are not to drift, we actually have to do something
paul escapes being lowered from a window in basket
must put down an anchor
The difference between obedience in the Old Testament and New is not that the rules are easier, where where the obedience lies
Christ makes all the difference, but without him we are most certainly sunk
This salvation is certainly great
announcement by the the Lord
confirmed by those who heard it
Is corroborated by actions


This is [not] a drill!
for some you are in the midst, others this might be a drill, a rehearsal.
What’s your anchor? A good test is what you go to when things get difficult
Be wise about your surroundings
Increase your attention to what you have heard
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