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Example of Discipleship

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We are often told as christians to make disciples. We are called disciples. There are books packing shelves on the topic, there are training conferences of how to do it. Although there are great resources out there, many many christians do not spend their lives making disciples of Jesus Christ. They don’t know how, they may be able to repeat the great commission of but they really don’t now what it means. Paul gives us a good example to observe in the 2nd chapter of 1 Thessalonians. He gives us a front row seat on how, he made disciples of Christ. I want us today to look as some key principles from the text and then apply them to our life. We are commanded as followers of Christ “to go into all the world and make Disciples”

Affectionately gentle

Paul was gentle, deep affection for the spiritual children. They were Alienated by race, culture and religion. Yet he treated them as a mother with Children
Nursing mother who feeds her young, Note the strong familial language
Affectionately desirous , longed for; great desire
Shared the Gospel but also themselves. (emphasis; Gospel and self just as important) There was evidence of their motivation. Not a notch on the belt
Paul genuinely loved these baby christians. (very dear to us) Agopetos- Beloved, prized,

Examples of Holiness

Imperative- they remember how they labored and toiled (comes from the word cut) worked even if it was dangerous. Hardship with difficulty. While proclaiming the Gospel of God
They are witnesses, Points also to the observance of God as to their conduct
Righteous and blameless conduct, emphasis
Paul as a loving father exhorted each one and encouraged and charged them to walk (so live the pattern of Life) worth of God who calls them into his own Kingdom and glory. Points to their election and purpose.


God has called us to deal carefully with people. We are to be gentle and tender as a mother who nurses. Is there anyone in your life you are affectionately desirous for? Have you asked God to lead you in wisdom so you may start making disciples of Jesus?
When you share the Gospel (the truth of Jesus and the resurrection) are you also ready to share your self? This may be in difficulty or hardship. Spend energy and time with the people who are ready to grow and pray for those who aren’t.
The point isn’t isn’t to make decisions. The aim is that Christ would be formed in them. The holy spirit does this, but he uses us as a tool in the progress.
Do you toil or labor for anyone else other than your self? or you immediate family? What do you do with your time?
Pray and ask God to give you Agapetos for other people, for lost people. This is a divine christian love that sets us apart.
Can anyone give witness to the righteous and blameless conduct you live? Remember the outward fruit God we produce is a reflection of the Grace done on the inside. Your conduct in speech and deep must match the regeneration on the inside. You can’t witness or disciple anyone in Christ if you don’t take holiness seriously. We are to make disciples of Christ not the world.
We are to exhort, encourage and charge believers to walk in a manor worthy of God. We are to be a bride pure for one husband Christ.
As disciples of Jesus Christ we have a mission. We are left here on earth for a purpose. The bible says this isn’t our home we are only passing through. God has a people set apart for himself. His Kingdom and His people will be together. We are to be about the business of our King. We aren’t to prioritize our lives for ourselves and our Kingdom. We are to make disciples. This may look different for folks, but the principles are the same. Remember you are dealing with people, unique souls created in the image of Almighty God. Please I beg of you today, to start living out you purpose. It starts with admitting, and presenting yourself to God as a living sacrifice () then pray and ask Him to use you. Then obey. Use this front row picture God has given us in 1 Thessalonians to live as a gentle disciple maker. Lets pray
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