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The Palace Test

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In our American nomenclature we associate ‘watergate’ with scandal. And anything that is scandalous we now add ‘gate’ to the ends. From Watergate to Deflategate, both speak to a scandal. A scandal is nothing more that a cover-up gone wrong.
In our church today, we have men and women who are masters of the art of ‘the cover-up’ because they have successfully covered up a sin with charisma. With the right suit/dress and right friends and lingo, anyone can master the art of ‘the cover-up’. The cover-up is easy when you have all the external works working for you. But the real issue is inside stuff, the heart.
I would lik
Inside the heart we will find our values and ethics. Values and ethics determine our character and from our character we develop our integrity. So much is spoken to the outside appearance of holiness, but today, I want to focus on the inside war, the invisible war. I want to address our integrity.
We need to guard our heart and protect our integrity. To this point, I have entitled the sermon series: Under Amor.
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