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Imago Dei

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Last week we spoke on Creation. Today we will continue our series of “God the creator,” and take a piece of creation and Expound on it.
What is the most important question of today? Who Am I?
Our Identity. In todays society, that seems to be our biggest issue. We struggle with this everyday.
Who Am I?
Who are we? What is my purpose. And we are all sorts of confused.
We identify as all sorts of things, because we are told we can and that is truth. That true identity comes from your own perception.
If you want to be a boy, then thats okay, if you want to be a girl thats okay, if you don’t want to be anything, then thats fine too.
I’ll be straight forward. I don’t agree with this but, here is some of the crazy I’m talking about.
Mount Holyoke College- Is historically an all women’s school. But recently, they have changed things a bit and say they except those who are either biologically female or IIdentify as one.
Their FAQ page say’s;
“2. Mount Holyoke College’s policy on the admission of transgender students states that it welcomes applications for its undergraduate program from any qualified student who is female or identifies as a woman. Can you clarify “who is female or identifies as a woman”?
The following academically qualified students can apply for admission consideration:
Biologically born female; identifies as a woman
Biologically born female; identifies as a man
Biologically born female; identifies as other/they/ze
identifies as a manBiologically born female;
Biologically born female; does not identify as either woman or man
identifies as other/they/zeBiologically born female;
Biologically born male; identifies as woman
does not identify as either woman or manBiologically born male;
Biologically born male; identifies as other/they/ze and when “other/they” identity includes woman
identifies as womanBiologically born male;
Biologically born with both male and female anatomy (Intersex); identifies as a woman
identifies as other/they/ze and when “other/they” identity includes womanBiologically born with both male and female anatomy (Intersex); identifies as a woman
The following academically qualified students cannot apply for admission consideration:
Biologically born male; identifies as man”
They then go on to say;
5. If a transwoman decides, during her four years as a Mount Holyoke student, to change her mind and chooses a male gender identity, will she need to withdraw from the College? What about biologically female students who come to identify themselves as male?
No. Once students are admitted, the College supports them regardless of their sex or gender identity, which is consistent with our current practice.
Does anyone know Who Dr. Paul Mchugh is? He was the former head of phyciatrics at johns Hopkins hospital for about 30 years. During his time there he had performed surgeries for sex changes.
"Most of the surgically treated patients described themselves as 'satisfied' by the results, but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn't have the surgery,” he explained.
Thus, says McHugh, "we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a 'satisfied' but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs."
-So this is just one of the things we all deal with today. Some our identity problems, seem smaller than this one, but all of our confusion and unsurity of who we are is equally important.
That being said, we are speaking into creation again today but a specific day. Day Six- When Man and Woman were created
What was different about it? Any ideas?
Let’s read and

Imago Dei

The Imago Dei
The “Imago Dei”… What does that mean. It is the term formed by the early church, meaning the “Image of God.”
This passage is about our beginning. There some passages that speak of this, and I will try to expound and give you the important stuff.
Now after reading that passage, does anyone see anything different in th
What is it that we can determine from these scriptures?

God Takes Life Personally

God didn't just say "let there be" He said "Let us make"
God wanted to make a clear distinction from us and the rest of creation. And that is why God formed us, and made us in His image.
He breathed life into us. We are marked by the Creator. We were given dominion over everything.
God separates us from the rest of creation His actions during creation.
When it comes to Life and Death God takes everyone’s personally.
Here he forms Adam and Eve and breathes life into them.
During the plagues of Egypt, God sends and causes plague after plague. But the last one he caries out. By his own hand, he takes life away.
For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.
So we see that God takes our lives very Personally.
So this bringus to our next point, if we were created by him,

We were meant to represent Him

When formed in His likeness and given life, He made us to reflect Him to all of creation.
This is what brings Him glory. When we represent him well.
When we live what we were created for. When we find Identity in Him!

Your Identity is in Him

This means that all the rules that he puts up, are not to ruin your fun, or stop you from being you. It means, that you aren’t you, if you are not in him. He created everything and this isn’t supposed to be what was meant for us.
When I said He takes our live personally, I meant it. There is no better representation of that, than Jesus. Came down in human form, to reconect that relationship we once had in the Garden. So that we can once again, be what He created us to be. In His Image, He will remake us and restore us.
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