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Job 11-

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We are in the middle of a very long conversation between Job and his “three friends”.
Job has poured out his grief to God ().
His friends hear some of the dark things he says about wishing he had never been born and wanting to die.
They cannot believe the things he is saying.
They also have a worldview in which bad things only happen to bad people.
They firmly believe that those who are humble and seek the Lord will always prosper and will never have tragic things happen.
Bad things have happen to Job, therefore, they assume he must have sinned.
So each friend in turn takes a stab at trying to convince Job to repent of whatever sin he has committed.
They tell him to get right with God.
And then as a result, they believe he will be relieved of his suffering.
Several weeks ago, we look at the conversation between Eliphaz and Job.
Eliphaz was probably the oldest of the three friends.
He also was probably considered very wise (and he was by this world’s standards).
But he made some false assumptions about God that were not necessarily true.
The assumptions and accusations of Eliphaz, Blidad, and Zophar, rather than providing comfort, only added to the misery of Job.
They mean well, but they are misinformed and misguided.
They have a worldview that may make sense from a worldly perspective and possibly even from a religious perspective.
But we will see later that the way they view is not accurate.
In today’s message, we are going to give an overview of the discussion between Job and his friends.

- Zophar’s first Speech

Zophar is the third friend to speak.He is outraged with all of Job’s talk (v.2).v.6 - You actually are so bad that God should have dealt with you more drastically than He already has.v.7-12 He tells Job that God’s wisdom are so much greater than Job could ever imagine, so how could he possibly oppose God in court?v.13-20 He then challenges Job to put away iniquity and be blessed.

- Job’s Reply to Zophar

His “friends” are determined to silence Job, but he is far from silenced. are his longest response yet.12:2 He sarcastically says, No doubt you are THE people and you have a monopoly on wisdom.12:3 I have wisdom as well as you.12:4-6 I am mocked by you and the wicked who are at ease pour scorn on me12:7-8 Nature itself can teach you wisdom about “the Lord” (v.9).12:9-25 God can humble the wise and bring to nothing the teaching of the aged.13:1-2 I know what you know.13:3 I really want to talk to God about it.13:4 You have not helped me at all. You are making up lies. You are physicians of no value.13:5 Staying quiet would the wisest thing you could do.13:6-7
19:1-5 Frustrated with his friends
19:6-20 God has it out for him
19:21- Have pity on me
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