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put off, put on

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Devotion for Session 21st Sep 2017


Focus on v 22-24

Put of the old self

Belongs to old non Christian life

Characterised by corrupt/deceitful desires

More details in v.18-19
Gentiles = non christians, not belonging to God's people

Put on the new self

Renewing the image of God

Given in creation
Ruined by the Fall
Restored in Christ

Characterised by fruit of the Spirit

Not a simple reformation of manners

But a work based on the salvation that comes to us in Christ
Constant looking back to Ch 1- 3 "therefore', "for this reason" etc
And worked out in daily life
Through nourishment of the Word
Enabling of the Spirit

To see ourselves and others growing in this way is our desire

And so we work to Transform Lives through Gospel Power.
Pray for wisdom so we might be effective in the work of the Lord's church for the transforming of lives and the glory of God.
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