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Gen 4:21

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I would like us to consider this verse as a kind of introduction to the whole of the bible. What I mean by that is that there is a underling hermeneutics to the interpretation of the bible, are if you like a underlining theology that guides as we read our scriptures . We find this manifested in many ways, a great example of that is what is know as the prosperity gospel their under lining theology is that God has sent his Son into the world that we may be blessed by God in the sense that we should never be sick that we should never be poor . And this of course comes to us through out their preaching and the teaching it is their underling thought at the back of every thing . Now I do not want to waste a lot of time with this view , but there is no doubt what so ever but that such a view is anti scriptural . Now such view such as that are bond to take place is we focus on the detail of the scripture before we understand the bible and its message as a whole
. The next view in which underlines men in their interpretation of the scripture is know as dispensationalism . Unlike the previous view which is primarily help by those who are charismatics those who are liberal in their theology this view of dispensationalism cut right through the various denominations. Penecostal’s , baptist , presbyterians , and a number of others hold such views and you see it clearly in their interpretation of the scriptures. What this view says is that the bible is divided up into different ages are dispensations, you have the time of Adam and Eve, the time of Noah and the flood, the time of Abraham , the time of the giving of the law , then they come to the N.T and they say that we have enter into this gospel age . Now in a sense that is true we do have these different ages the time of Adam and Eve , the time of Noah and so on . But they do not stop there they say that God has dealt with man in therms of salvation , that man through these different dispensation was save in in a different way.. This view comes to this; that in these different ages God has made a way for man to be saved, and all man has to do is follow the way that God has provided .They say that before Adam and Eve fell into sin that this is the age of innocence and the way in which man could save himself was not to eat of the three of knowledge of good and evil . After the fall they say mankind was saved by a blood sacrifice and that is why Cains offering was rejected and Ables accepted by God. In the time of Noah they were saved by the flood. When you come to Abraham he was saved by leaving the pagan country and believing in the one true God. When you come to the giving of the law mankind was saved by keeping that law. And their view of the N.T is that when Christ came he came to set up his kingdom but the jews rejected him and killed him so God had to come up with some thing else so he went to the gentiles. They say that the gospel of grace is not brought into being until the Apostle Paul, and that is of course belief in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ But they say that that will to come to an end when Christ sets up his millennial reign, then God will bring back the law and the sacrifices and the jews will be saved once again by the law. Now that is the view some details are different among the dispensationalist but that is the thrust of their under lining theology baring the weight of their interpretation,,Their theme is that in all of these different ages God has dealt with mankind to save him in these different ways . They like to quote ( ) Where the Apostle tells Timothy to righty divide the word But his is a complete perversion of the truth.
Now understanding the general message of the bible is absolutely essential and it is so for this reason ; you never have a correct interpretation of the details of the scripture without a understanding of the whole. The whole of the biblical message is this; the bible is Gods dealings with his people. It is the history of Gods great activity producing his great salvation. It is the unfolding of this great plan and schema of God. The message of the bible is this; before the very creation of the world God knew that man was going to fall into sin. And God has this great plan of salvation in which he is going to work out in this world of time and that is sending his Son into this world to die for sin to bring all of his people to him self in his Son
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