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Books of the Law (2)

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God creates a good world and appoints humans to rule it on his behalf. Humanity rebels, and the story traces the tragic consequences of human sin for individuals, families and societies, and creation itself.
God responds to humanity’s rebellion by making a promise to Abraham, that he will restore his divine blessing to the world through Abraham’s family. The story traces the fate of that promise through four generations of a very dysfunctional family.
Abraham’s family is brutally enslaved in Egypt, so God raises up a deliverer, Moses, to confront the king of Egypt and set his people free. This story gives meaning to the words “redemption” and “salvation” which are used here for the first time in the Bible.
Israel leaves Egypt and camps at Mt. Sinai, where they enter into a covenant relationship with God so his divine presence can live among them in the tabernacle. But, things go terribly wrong.
Leviticus can be difficult to understand, but its basic message is profound and amazing: God graciously provides a way for sinful, broken people to live near his holy presence so they can find wholeness and life.
Israel takes an epic road trip through the wilderness on their way to the promised land. But things go horribly wrong as Israel rebels and almost misses their chance to enter the land.
Moses gives his final words of wisdom and warning to the Israelites who are about to enter into the land. He calls them to covenant faithfulness, obedience to God’s law, and to love God with their whole being.
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