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Inerrancy of Scripture (4)

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The Term Inerrancy Is a Poor Term

Too precise

The term inerrancy is not used in the Bible itself

Scholars who have used this term have defined it clearly for over 100 years.

No other word has been proposed which says it as clearly what we want to affirm when we want to talk about the total truthfulness in language.

We Have no Inerrant Manuscripts; therefore, talk about an inerrant Bible is Misleading.

Inerrancy has always been claimed for the first or original copies of the biblical documents. Yet none of these survive: we have only copies of copies of what Mose, Paul, or Peter wrote.

For over 99% of the words we know what the original manuscripts said.

Textual variants - different words in different ancient copies of the same verse

The Study of textual variants has not left us in confusion about what the original manuscripts said.

For most practical purposes current texts are the same as the original manuscripts.

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