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Who You Are is How You Pray

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Many people struggle when adopting the spiritual disciplines because they use forms that poorly suited to their personality. Come learn about how personality affects spirituality.

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 2017-09-24 Personality 4 The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 1 Four spectra of human behaviour Measures preferences ; most people can operate in both “modes” but they tend to prefer one over the other Not deterministic and is not meant to legitimize dysfunctional behavior Maturity requires work in those modes where we are weak Only a model Generalizes aspects of human behavior to help us understand ourselves and others Not meant to “pigeonhole” people 5 Where do you get your energy? 1 Extraverts (E) Energized by events, situations, or people outside of yourself Think out loud Large network of friends Spirituality Growth through group activities Can feel unspiritual because traditional prayer is hard Vulnerable to distractions and respond to irritation with anger 2 Introverts (I) Energized by time to yourself Sort out your thoughts in your mind before speaking Small network of deep friendships Spirituality Growth through private activities Can feel unspiritual because they are exhausted by group events Tempted to passivity and respond to irritation by withdrawing 6 How do you take in information about the world? 1 Sensors (S) You rely on your 5 senses You’d rather do something than merely think about it You’re rooted in the present Spirituality Benefit from practical methods, real-world examples, and opportunities to serve practically Experience God through the senses (music, nature, movement) 75% of the general population, but less than 50% in most churches 2 Intuitives (N) You rely on your gut / hunches You are more comfortable with thoughts than action You dream of the future Spirituality Enjoy symbols and imagery Struggle with narrow interpretations or defined methods Project their current place in the cycle of life into the future 1 2017-09-24 7 How do you make decisions? 1 Thinkers (T) You’re analytical You’re objective, preferring to see things from the outside, as an onlooker You settle disputes based on what is fair rather than what makes people happy Spirituality Love God with their mind; can struggle if not allowed to probe and question Like things to be done with excellence and good order; worship is a challenge 50% of the general population, but less than 25% in most churches 2 Feelers (F) You’re empathic You’re subjective, preferring to see things from the inside, as if it were you You settle disputes based on what will bring the most harmony Spirituality Focus on a felt relationship with God Strong commitment to church family Sacrificial servants of others; this is not always a good thing 8 What level of organization do you like? 1 Judgers (J) You’re methodical, preparing things in advance You’re usually on time and like things to have their own time and place You appreciate the value of hierarchies, rules, and policies Spirituality Prefer discipline and schedule Drawn to clear and definite practices Need to “loosen up”, letting go of the illusion of security that a plan gives 2 Perceivers (F) You’re spontaneous and leave things to the last minute (for maximum flexibility) You’re often late, possibly because you couldn’t find what you were looking for You like informal and autonomous environments Spirituality Open to many different paths and God’s interruptions Open to divine mystery and ambiguity Need to “tighten up”, learning how planning enhances spontaneity 9 The Gift of Being Yourself 1 God changed your character, not your personality, so: Give yourself permission to be who God created you to be Stop trying to adopt someone else’s personality Using your strengths, start to work on your shadow side 2
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