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Finger of God

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Dictionary of Bible Themes 1260 finger of God


finger of God

A figure of speech which gives expression to God’s creative power and authority over his creation.

God creates with his finger

Ps 8:3 See also Isa 48:13; 64:8

God writes with his finger

He writes the law Ex 31:18 See also Ex 24:12; 32:16; 34:1

He writes judgment Da 5:5 See also Da 5:24-28

God works miracles with his finger

He sends plagues Ex 8:19

He exorcises evil spirits Lk 11:20

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hand of God

A figure of speech which points to God’s sovereign power in creation and in his actions on his people’s behalf, especially in redemption. Also used as a symbol of authority and in taking oaths.

God creates by his hand

Ac 7:50 See also Isa 66:2; Job 10:3,8; Ps 8:3; 19:1; 95:5; 138:8; Isa 48:13; 64:8

God holds the world in his hand

Ps 95:4 See also Job 12:10; 26:13; 36:32; Ps 31:15; Isa 40:12; 41:19-20; Da 5:23

God’s creatures are fed from his hand

Ps 145:16 See also Ps 104:28; Isa 34:17

God’s hand symbolises his power

God’s hand is mighty Hab 3:4 See also 1Ch 29:12; Ps 118:15-16; Jer 18:6; Da 4:35; Am 9:2

God executes judgment by the power of his hand Am 1:6-8 Judgment on the Philistine cities. See also Dt 32:41; 1Sa 5:6-9; Isa 40:2; Jer 15:6; La 2:3; Eze 6:14; Zep 1:4; Ac 13:11

God’s hand holds a cup of judgment Jer 25:15-17 See also Ps 75:8; Isa 51:17; Hab 2:16

God’s hand brings trouble Job 19:21 See also Ru 1:13; 1Sa 6:3; Job 1:11; Ps 38:2; 39:10

God’s hand causes fear Isa 19:16 See also Isa 23:11

Pleas for God to use his powerful hand

Ps 74:11 See also Ps 10:12; 60:5 pp Ps 108:6; Ps 77:10; 144:7-8

God’s powerful hand used on his people’s behalf

God redeems by his powerful hand Ps 138:7 See also 1Ki 8:41-42 pp 2Ch 6:32; Ps 98:1; Isa 11:11; Eze 20:21-22,33-34; Mic 4:10

God redeemed Israel from Egypt by his powerful hand Ex 13:3 See also Ex 3:19-20; 13:9,14; Dt 5:15; 7:8; Ne 1:10; Jer 32:21; Da 9:15

God’s hand ensures success for his people Isa 41:10 “righteous” has the sense of “victorious”. See also Ps 16:8; 18:35; 89:21; Isa 42:6; 49:4

God’s powerful hand is invincible Jn 10:29 See also Ps 139:10; Isa 43:13

God’s hand protects his people Ezr 8:31 See also Ex 33:22-23; 1Ch 4:10; Ps 121:5; Isa 41:13; 49:2,16; 62:3

God’s hand inspires the prophets Jer 1:9 See also Isa 8:11; Jer 15:17; Eze 1:3; 3:14,22; 33:22; 37:1; 40:1

God’s hand fulfils his purposes Ezr 7:6 See also 2Ch 30:12; Ezr 7:9,28; 8:18; Ne 2:8,18; Pr 21:1; Ecc 2:24; Isa 45:1; Lk 1:66; Ac 11:21

God’s uplifted hand

Signifies his taking an oath Ne 9:15 See also Ex 6:8; Nu 14:30; Dt 32:40; Eze 47:14

Signifies his power Isa 9:12,17,21; 26:11

God’s right hand symbolises his authority

Ac 7:55-56 See also Ps 110:1; Ac 5:31; Ro 8:34; Col 3:1; Heb 1:3; 1Pe 3:22

God’s hand must be recognised

God requires submission under his hand 1Pe 5:6 See also Ro 10:21; Isa 65:2

The works of God’s hand must be acknowledged Ps 28:5; 92:4; 143:5

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‎The Bible story is often twofold. A great event is told in a general way, then it is reviewed and explained in its particulars. So with the creation of man. This is mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis in its place among the many marvels of the making of the earth. Then the second chapter picks out this one event for special description, explaining how man was formed from “the dust of the ground,” and how a divine soul was given him.
‎Michelangelo’s conception of man’s awakening has, ever since the moment of its production, been accepted as one of the great paintings of the world. The noble figure of Adam, just rousing from a statue into life, is full of calm unconscious strength, offering not an unworthy companion and counterpart to God who, by a mere touch of the finger, has thus vitalized the dust. The figure of God is conceived, as man’s vision of Him has been since Moses’ time, from the single statement of the Bible, that man was created “in the image of God.” Hence our highest ideal of man becomes the nearest we can approach to imagining his Maker.
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