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Dismiss children to children’s church
They made a movie in 2003 about a man who was given the power of God.
The movie was called Bruce Almighty
Can you imagine if you were given all the power of God for the next week?!
Imagine with me, that for the next week, you were given all the power of God!
What would you do?
What would you change?
What or who would you correct?
What would your life be like this next week with all the power of God?
Philippians 2:3-8
Jesus had all the power of God, being God and set it aside.
You and I never had that power or position, yet we constantly live like we do or should.
addresses two areas where our arrogance can come in subtle ways and begin to remove God from the throne in our hearts...
1) We become Arrogant in how we view others...
2) We become arrogant in how we view ourselves...
Consider Our Arrogance in How We View Others...
Verse 11 begins with a directive for Christians… (Do not speak against one another brethren)
“Speak Against” = speaking ill of someone, to slander, judging another
putting someone else down to build yourself up… PRIDE
speaking down about another person, in order to put yourself in a better light
“I don't want to judge but...”
“I probably shouldn't say this but...”
“Please keep so in so in your prayers they are struggling with ...”
Why do we speak against them?
Because we are so quick to judge… James has been talking about this throughout his letter!
The number one verse quoted in the bible is this
No one like to be judged but we judge others all the time!
continues this thought however
I will talk through this verse.
Notice there is time to judge another… after you have taken a long look at yourself.
when you see clearly… the other’s issues are really only a small thing.
We often judge without knowing all the facts, especially the fact that we cannot see the heart
Going back to James we prefer to be judges of the law rather than those who do it.
this was religious!
look at the pharisees a religion they morphed to build themselves up and put others down.
Hypocrites, no one wants to be a part of that
Let God be God… James says there is only One Lawgiver and Judge!
look at the contrast
God can save and destroy
Who are we to take His place in this matter (who died and made you god?)
Why would we be so arrogant to think we can do what God does better?
Consider now the arrogance in how we view ourselves
Consider Now The Arrogance in How We View Ourselves
James now discusses how we like to play God in our own lives too...
come now… pay attention… you who say… (what are we exhibiting by our words to a lost world?)
We play God in directing our future, our plans, our desires
we dictate the time
we dictate the where
we dictate the how long
We dictate what we will do
we even dictate the outcome!
You and I do not know!
James is bold with his illustration… you're a vapor!
How is that for perspective?
We live and rule our lives like this is all we get, this is all there is, and plan foolishly.
there is so much more… this life will pass so quick
How does God want you to use it?
Are you still playing God?
God has a master plan, has the big picture in view, is always in control… we seek selfish desire when we have this arrogant attitude.
INSTEAD… “If the Lord wills”...
this is not lip service
this is a heart approach to things
“If the Lord wills” is stepping back looking at your life and Letting God be God (for real)
This boasting that goes on on our lives, seeking our will over God’s will, is evil James says.
I started by asking :
I started by asking
What would you do if you had the power of God for a whole week...
In the movie Bruce Almighty Hollywood came to an interesting conclusion as the movie comes near the end...
Bruce who was given this power is walking in the rain sobbing.
He falls to his knees and says, “Please God I don’t want to do this anymore.
I don’t want to be God.
I want you to decide what’s right for me.
I surrender to your will.”
Truth is this, we cant be God even with His power… we still would lack His wisdom, discernment, and understanding.
There is a statement i love to quote… it says, “If i had the power of God I would change many things.
If I had the wisdom of God, I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Verse 17 makes a very clear statement.
God does not change, but there are things in our lives, our hearts that do need to change.
James is telling us what is right according to God’s Word, what will you do?
Let me encourage you to Let God Be God!
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