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Don't Despise the Goodness of God

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Don’t Despise the Goodness of God

Pastor E. Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:  Romans 2:4-5

I.              Don’t despise the riches of God’s GOODNESS!

A.               To despise means “to look down on with contempt and scorn”, “sneer”

B.                Goodness means kindness—goodness in action, expressing itself in deeds

C.               The riches of His goodness means His inexhaustible supply from which He has lavished upon us

D.               Don’t presume that we will receive His goodness any longer

II.           Don’t despise God’s FORBEARANCE!

A.               Forbearance means “to endure, tolerate, to bear, to put up with”

B.                God has tolerated our stubborn and rebellious ways

C.               Don’t presume that God will continue to tolerate our sin any longer

III.        Don’t despise God’s LONGSUFFERING!

A.               Longsuffering is patient endurance

B.                It means that God, in His patient desire that we repent, has delayed His judgment of our sin

C.               Don’t presume that God will delay any longer

IV.       IMPORTANT! God’s goodness is meant to lead us to REPENTANCE!

A.               God is a good and merciful God

B.                God demonstrated His love by sending Jesus to die for our sins

C.               God is wooing us to Himself through His goodness

D.               God has tolerated our stubbornness and rebellion long enough

E.                God has been delayed His judgment so that we might repent

F.                God wants to give us a new life with Him

V.          WARNING! Refusing to repent is NOT a good option!

A.               Romans 2:5 (NKJV) “But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,”

VI.       RESPOND to God’s goodness today!

A.               Remember: Delay is not a good choice!

B.                Repent of your sin

C.               Call upon the name of the Lord so that you might be saved

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