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Discovering Your Intercessory Gift Letter

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Discovering Your Intercessory Gift

Dear ones,

Well, considering how hard Satan has fought our work, I am actually praising God that I am still alive.  I live on all of Paul’s writings (1 Corinthians 1; 2 Corinthians 4; 2 Corinthians 6), realizing firsthand that a true servant suffers afflictions, tribulations, hardships, hunger sleepless nights---all have become a part of my life.

          I led three powerful seminars with Mozambique pastors and have never seen such hungry hearts.  Mozambique (north) now has more martyrs than any other country in the world.  I have literally walked in their blood but never have seen such worshiping, victorious Christians.

          While attempting to reach the border to meet with 100 pastors, we lost one truck, two cars and two motorcycles to the enemy, but the Lord was with us.  We are walking in victory and many are being saved.

          I met a man who said, “I live in caves and hills.  I wear the skins of animals, but the love of Jesus keeps driving me further into Mozambique.  I am hunted like a wild animal by soldiers.  They will kill me eventually, but I count it an honor to die for the One who died for me.

          A man and many pastors were coming out to meet me, but the enemy intervened.  Nine pastors were shot---eight killed and one wounded.  After another seminar, 17 pastors were arrested.  One of them said, “We have had no clothes or food for months, but I didn’t come out for food or fellowship; I came to hear the Word of God.  And when I go back I don’t ask for food---only Bibles.”  We had no Bibles to give him.  Many pastors don’t even own a Bible.

          We live in a village where we sleep on the ground with no blankets in the cold of winter, and live like the Mozambiques.

          The spirit of love has fallen everywhere.  It reminds me of Pentecost.

          I met one man who had his hand cut off for holding a Bible and his ear cut off for hearing the Word of God.  He was then made to eat them.  His lips were later cut out for preaching.  But he stood up, shining and said, “ now preach with this hand, hear with this ear, and my mouth will sing Jesus’ praises.”  He began singing out “Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!” in unclear sounds.

          One pastor had to provide shelter for 30 widows within a month’s time.  Their husbands were all killed for their faith.

          What is our part here?  To fill the hearts of those ready to die and watch over hundreds being saved under their ministries.

          I have seen many Marxist soldiers saved as they watched God’s glory fall on the Christians they were killing.  I will never be the same.

          We need your prayers more than we need your silver or gold.  You are a key in this hour.  Please, won’t you help us?

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