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Pastor Keith Hassell

How do we know when a demon is involved in a person's life? When is deliverance necessary? Many problems can be solved through repentance, prayer and application of the word of God, but even Jesus found it necessary to address demonic activity in people's lives in order to set them free from certain bondages and oppressions.

Basically there are two ways to determine if demonic activity is involved in a person's life. The first is by the discerning of spirits as mentioned in I Corinthians 12: 1 0. This is a Holy Spirit given discernment or witness inside of the minister of deliverance. This comes as God grants it. The second way of determining demonic activity is through detection, that is, by observing what evil spirits are doing in, to, or through a person. Demonic activity is persistent or reoccurring in nature and usually involves a feeling of powerlessness on the part of the person to control themselves or to change.

SEVEN WAYS TO DETECT A NEED FOR DELIVERANCE (Taken from Pigs in the Parlor, by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond)


EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS: Disturbances in the emotions which persist or reoccur. Examples include:

a.    Resentment               g.    Jealousy

b.    Hatred                   h.    Depression C.    Anger                    i.    Wony

d.    Fear                     j.    Inferiority e.    Rejection                k.    Insecurity f     Self-pity                1.    Rebellion


MENTAL PROBLEMS: Disturbances in the mind or thought life. Examples include:

a.   Mental torment      e.   Confusion b.   Procrastination     f    Doubt

C.   Indecision          g.   Rationalization

d.   Compromise          h.   Loss of memory

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