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Conquering the Giant of Self-Pity

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Conquering the Giant of Self-Pity

Pastor E. Keith Hassell

Foundation Scripture:  1 Kings 19:1-18; Romans 8:28-39

I.                   Elijah encountered self-pity. So do many other saints today!

A.               Self-pity is a deceptive frame of mind that are out of touch with our reality in God.

1.          Elijah thought he was the only one who had not compromised

2.          God said that there were seven thousand others who had not compromised

B.                Self-pity is feeling sorry for ourselves in a self-indulgent or exaggerated way

1.          “Nobody else is going through what I am going through”

2.          “I am the only one who…”

3.          “I am just a nobody doing nothing and going nowhere.”

C.               Self-pity is a “pit” that we jump in ourselves. The world is closed in around ourselves.

D.               A “pity party” is a mental and emotional party where we only invite three guests—me, myself, and I—and rehearse among ourselves

1.          How unfair things are

2.          How unappreciated we are

3.          How mistreated we are above all others

4.          How unnoticed our efforts are

5.          How others seem to get preferential treatment

6.          How our best efforts bring more trouble and disappointment

E.                Self-pity can be mean, reinforced by anger and unforgiveness to make others miserable who seek reconciliation

F.                Self-pity feeds on itself getting bigger and bigger and harder to overcome

G.               Self-pity brings about self-fulfilling and negative results in our life that reinforce that what we say is true

H.               Self-pity despairs of life and victory resulting in bitterness and depression

I.                   Self-pity will say when it fails, “See, I told you how bad it was! I hope you really feel guilty now!”

II.                The Giant of Self-Pity

A.               We struggle with self-esteem because we draw it from people rather than from God

B.                We struggle with unhappiness because we base it upon our circumstances

C.               We struggle with being thankful because we always feel we got slighted in some way

D.               We struggle with resentment when others seem to experience greater blessing than us

E.                We struggle with envy and competitive-jealousy

F.                We struggle with a yo-yo Christian life between great victory and deep depression

G.               We struggle during praise and worship because somehow we blame God for all of our troubles

III.             When self-pity sets in, we need a fresh encounter with God in prayer

A.               Elijah went back to Mt. Horeb, his roots in God

IV.            God said to Elijah, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

A.               Be ready for God to confront your self-pity

B.                God had a work for Elijah to do

C.               It was time for Elijah to overcome discouragement and self-pity and receive new orders for victory

V.               Time to get a new perspective (Romans 8:28)

A.               The devil is not in control of your life

B.                Other people are not in control of your life

C.               Circumstances are not in control of your life

D.               Ultimately you are not in charge of your life

E.                God is charge of your lives, working all things—right now—together for your good!

VI.            Conquering the Giant of Self-Pity

A.               Believe that God knows who you are! (Romans 8:29; Psalm 139)

B.                Believe that you are predestined for God’s purpose! (Romans 8:29)

C.               Believe that you are chosen (or “called”) by God! (Romans 8:30)

D.               Believe that you are justified by God to stand before Him! (Romans 8:30)

E.                Believe that God has destined you for glory! (Romans 8:30)

F.                Believe that God is for you! (Romans 8:31)

G.               Believe that God will give you everything you need to succeed! (Romans 8:32)

H.               Believe that no one else can talk God out of what He has planned for you! (Romans 8:33)

I.                   Believe that you have Someone is on your side (Jesus!) pleading your case before the Father! (Romans 8:34)

J.                  Believe that God loves you and that nothing or no one can change that fact! (Romans 8:35-39)

K.               Repent of yielding to the sin of self-pity

L.                Recognize the voice of self-pity and refuse to listen to it

M.              Release the voice of God’s word in confession over you life

N.               Rise up and finish what God has given you to do

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