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Confronting the Spirit of Jezebel

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Confronting the Spirit of Jezebel

Pastor Keith Hassell



I.       The Jezebel spirit (Revelation 2:18-19)

          A.      Not gender specific

B.      Internally rejects and circumvents divine authority

C.      Piggy backs on the authority of others (Ahab)

D.      Assumes authority and position among the people usually through manipulation, intimidation or even domination.  You “allow” that woman Jezebel).

E.      Bestows authority on itself (calls herself a prophetess; based on pride)

F.      Defiles the sons and daughters of the house by

1)       Disburses destructive teaching (immorality which is covenant unfaithfulness)

2)       Seduction (to lead astray through persuasion or temptation; this can be through charisma, flattery, money, sex, spirituality, etc.)

G.      Invites participation with idolatry (eat things sacrificed to idols)

H.      Seeks to destroy the servant of the Lord (Elijah and the prophets)


II.      Elijah wars against the Jezebel spirit (Malachi 4:5-6  fight over the hearts of the sons and daughters)

          A.      Pronounces judgment on the Jezebel spirit

B.      Confronts the influence of the Jezebel spirit upon God’s people (“How long will you falter between two opinions?)

C.      Anoints divinely called leadership (Jehu anointed king over Israel)

D.      Anoints the next generation of prophetic servants

III.    Judgment on the Jezebel spirit

          A.      God grants time for repentance (three years of drought)

B.      She will be cast into a sick bed (disease through intimate relationship)

C.      Great tribulation upon those who are involved with her

          D.      God will kill her children with death (prophets of Baal killed)

E.      Her error will be revealed and exposed (all the churches will know that He is the One who searches the minds and hearts.  He will give to everyone according to their work.)

IV.     Escaping the spirit and influence of Jezebel

          A.      Participating with Jezebel?  Repent

          B.      Do not give your heart to Jezebel (through speaking or listening)

          C.      Expose the work of Jezebel

          D.      Confront the spirit of Jezebel

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