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Characteristics of fathers & sons

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Pastor Keith Hassell

Characteristics of Fathers and Sons

Foundation Scripture:   Malachi 4:5-6

I.                   Characteristics of Fathers

A.                 They carry the heart of the Heavenly Father

B.                 They form or walk in covenant with God (connection with destiny & promise)

C.                 They establish identity

D.                They provide

E.                 They protect (defend from enemies)

F.                  They teach (lay foundations of truth)

G.                They nurture (promoting healthy growth)

H.                They mentor (character)

I.                    They discipline (removing character flaws)

J.                   They prune (removing drains on divine destiny)

K.                They release blessing (activating destiny)

L.                 They equip (knowledge, tools, skills, weapons)

M.               They release (timing)

N.                They oversee transfers in covering (i.e. marriage, etc.)

O.                They reinforce the next generations (transgenerational)

P.                 They determine inheritance

II.                Characteristics of Sons and Daughters

A.                 They are sons by virtue of birth or adoption

B.                 There is a heart connection based on relationship

C.                 They know and carry the heart of the father

D.                They carry the vision of the father

E.                 The are willing to serve in the house without hire for they are sons and not servants

F.                  They receive of the father’s teaching

G.                They embrace the father’s correction

H.                They long for the father’s blessing

I.                    They trust in the father’s timing and release

J.                   They involve the father in transfer from one covering to another

K.                They reproduce and build on the foundation of the father

L.                 They share in the father’s inheritance

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