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Building for the Future

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Building for the Future

Pastor Keith Hassell



Foundation Scripture:   Proverbs 29:18; Hebrews 11:7

I.          God is looking for leaders who have a vision for tomorrow.

            A.        We have become a generation that lives for today.

B.         We are a generation of debt that has mortgaged our future for fulfillment today.

C.        You can tell a generation that lives for today by looking at the value it places in the development of its children.

D.        Cathedral principle:  (Bob Mumford) During the Middle Ages when the great cathedrals were built, they would take sometimes seventy to one hundred years to build.  The builders who began would not be the ones who finished.  Yet when they began, they would plant oak trees so that seventy years down the road when the timbers were needed for the roof, the trees would be ready.

E.         You are the leaders who must carry a vision for tomorrow.


II.        Leaders must have vision for the next generations.

A.        Children today are the oak trees of tomorrow.

1.         The church has spent most of its time repairing adults rather than preparing children.

2.         For every one dollar the government spends on the development of children, it spends seven dollars on the rehabilitation of adults.

B.         The saints today are the oak trees of tomorrow.

C.        Children are the arrows that are launched further into the future.

D.        Leaders must build with foresight of the future.

E.         A vision is not a true vision from God unless it includes the next generations.

F.         God’s vision to Abraham was not fulfilled through Abraham alone, but was confirmed through Isaac and Jacob.

G.        A vision that only takes a lifetime to fulfill is simply one man’s ambition.

H.        A good man will leave an inheritance for his children’s children.

I.          Leaders are investing in sons and grandsons.

J.          You are the leaders who must prepare for the next generations.


III.       Leaders must reproduce the leaders of tomorrow.

            A.        A leader must model high standards for the children to follow.

            B.         A leader must be a person of integrity and character above charisma.

            C.        A leader is someone who others will follow.

            D.        True vision always includes a successor.

            E.         You are the leaders who must prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


IV.       Leaders must build for tomorrow.

A.        Noah built an Ark

1.         God gave the human race 120 years to repent and Noah 120 years to build the ark.

2.         The ark of salvation for tomorrow’s generation must be built today.

3.         We prepare for what we really believe.

4.         If we believe God’s word of coming judgment and accept His commission of reaching the harvest, are we in the process now of building the vessel to accomplish it?

            B.         David prepared for God’s house that his son would build.

C.        Jesus invested His life into raising up twelve leaders who would lay the foundation of the church once He was gone.

D.        The church of tomorrow is being built today (Ephesians 4:11-12)

E.         You are the leaders who must build for tomorrow.

V.        What will it take to become leaders with vision?

A.        We must repent of our preoccupation with the temporal that keeps us from building the eternal.

B.         We must repent of the attitude that leadership is about people serving us rather than us serving the people we lead.

C.        We must receive a vision for tomorrow.

D.        We must include a vision for the next generations.

E.         We must prepare with vision the leaders of tomorrow.

F.         We must build with vision the church of tomorrow TODAY.

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